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Our Wisconsin Craft Beers


…have a long and storied history. Ahnapee Brewing first opened its doors in 1868 in the city of Ahnapee, now named Algoma, as a premier producer of Wisconsin craft beers. Bohemian immigrants brought skilled craftsmen to erect Kewaunee County’s first sizable building.
Beers were produced under the supervision of the head brewmaster, Henry Schmiling, the great- great-great-great uncle of the current owners. The Civil War veteran sold barrels of Wisconsin craft beers by horse and sleigh, rail, and the schooner, “Whisky Pete.” Schmiling’s Ahnapee Lager was known far and wide for its Wisconsin-made quality. Hops blight put the original brewery out of business in 1886.
A new chapter in the brewery’s history began in the summer of 2013. Fueled by the dreams of our General Manager and Head Brewer, Nick Calaway, we picked up where Henry left off. This time Wisconsin craft beers are produced in small batches and feature full-flavored beer, some with aging potential, served in the Tap Room two doors down from von Stiehl winery at 105 Navarino Street.
If you are interested in drinking some tasty brews, we are open Wednesdays from 4pm to 9pm, Thursdays from noon to 9pm, Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 10pm and Sundays from noon-5pm!

Visit the Ahnapee Brewery Facebook page for current news and updates on our Wisconsin craft beers.

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