A Glamorous Superbowl Sunday

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As everyone here in Wisconsin knows, the Superbowl is this Sunday, February 6, 2011. This is a thrilling time for fans of the Green Bay Packers – meaning this is a thrilling time for just about everyone we see here at our Algoma Wisconsin Winery.

We’re looking forward to celebrating this momentous occasion with a few of our Glamorous Ladies of the Vine, otherwise known as women who like our Wisconsin Wine and who have attended one of our LOTV events. This Sunday at GLAMOROUS ME!, our ladies will be treated to a beautifying afternoon and lunch at Algoma’s Farm Market Kitchen, close to our winery.

Learn tantalizing new ways to wrap a scarf, and discover fun ways to accent your own hair with hair extensions and pieces. Shop for eye and lip products from Mary Kay, and memorialize the afternoon with a professional photograph from Harmann’s Studio’s.

Never fear! No event at our Wisconsin Winery fails to include food and wine. Glamorous Ladies will feast upon a sensible meal of soups, salads, and fresh baked bread, followed by not-so-sensible chocolates and cookies by Kattywompus Konfection.

We promise you will be finished by the kick-off, and as soon as the game is over, your boyfriends and spouses will notice how glamorous you are.

Call 1-800-955-5208 for additional information.

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