A Monster of a Release!

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Out on the high seas, a Captain and their crew may encounter mythical tales involving beasts of the deep. Some may consist of Mermaids & Mermen, or even the dreaded Kraken & Leviathan, but what about tales of Dragons of the sea? Well, the myth has become reality for our crew at the Captain’s Walk! Through the skill and talent of our crew, we are thrilled to announce the capture of our own Dragon! Dragon fruit, that is! This Dragon Fruit Mimosa Cider is a new take on an old favorite. Orange juice and Dragon fruit come together in this one-off cider twist. Tropically fruity with an almost belleni-like peach spritzer finish. Set sail for the Captain’s Walk this March and tame your palate with this refreshing Dragon Fruit Cider! Keep watching your emails and our social media accounts to know when the Dragon Fruit Cider will be available.

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