A Sweet Taste of Victory Indeed


I consider myself a Wisconsinite through and through.  For example, as a Wisconsin native, I can confidently say that Winter is best spent snowmobiling ‘Up North’; I greet all my friends, whom I’ve known since kindergarten, with a cheerful, “Hey der!”, and I am a die-hard fan of the Green & Gold!

So, as Friday night fish fries soon lead to ‘Sunday night lights’, I find myself seeking something delicious to pair with my massive Cheesehead.  That’s when Captain’s Walk Titletown Moscato enters the field! While also sporting the green and gold, this wine displays flavor notes of guava, passion fruit, and orange to quickly work its way up the ranking to become the next MVP.

While my husband watches the game intently, drinking his ‘two-tree’ brewskis, I sit next to him with my glass of wine, hoping that each sip will help with the suspense that is ensuing on my television screen. 

“For cripes sake! Are the refs seriously not going to call that?!”  

“Ope! That was a close one!  For a minute there I thought we weren’t gonna get the last five yards!”

My husband and I stare in anticipation.  We are clutching each other’s clammy hands as the last seven minutes of the game unfold.  I offer him a tranquil taste of my wine as a bubbly distraction from the sharp tensions on the field.  I am happy to see a surprised and delighted expression on his face as he looks away from the screen to ask what he just consumed.  I smile and pour another glass for him.  We soon find ourselves in a tangent of conversations surrounding the last time we had a date night together and took a tour of the Captain’s Walk Winery before sitting outside for hours enjoying their Sangria Saturdays.  

As we so childishly stared at each other, we soon heard the roar of the crowd from our television.  We turned our heads and belted out a synchronized, “You-betcha!”  We jumped up and down as the announcers shouted, “AND THAT’S COBB WITH THE TOUCHDOWN, FOLKS!”

With a clinking cheer of success and a sparkling Moscato flavored kiss, we basked in ourselves and our team pride and thought, “A sweet taste of victory indeed.”


Submitted By: Tenille Towns; Waupaca, WI; Captain’s Quarters Member Since 2018

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