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Antique Doll and Teddy Bears in Algoma

May 23rd, 2011 by

Remember reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her sisters in the Little House on the Prairie Books? Remember how each girl had one doll – one doll only – to call her own? Those dolls were cherished. They may have been overly loved, but at least they weren’t tossed on the floor or left out in the rain. Indeed, dolls like the ones Laura Ingalls and her sisters had still exist. Today they are cherished less by children than by adults who recognize their worth. If you are interested in seeing some, plan to travel to Algoma, Wisconsin, on June 25, 2011. Each summer, dealers and collectors travel to Algoma from all over the country for the Annual Doll and Teddy Bear Show and Sale. It’s always a heady time for antique dealers and collectors of rare and unusual dolls and teddy bears. Treasures are sought, sold, and found. Collections are dismantled and made complete. We invite all participants and attendees of the 2011 Doll & Teddy Bear Show and Sale to stop by our Algoma, Wisconsin, Winery after the show. You’ll appreciate that von Stiehl is the oldest winery in Wisconsin. Take a tour of our historic building and taste our Wisconsin Wines. When you find the vintage you most like, bring a bottle or two back home with you. Ask the pourers which of our wines get better with age – like a well-made doll.


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