Begin Your Daydream With A Glass Of Cabernet!


Wine is made for the enjoyment of all and is never under any true form of competition amongst the other spectacular wines for any Championship Belt or wine equivalent of an “Employee of the Month” badge. But if they were….

“And now, entering the ring! With a content of 13.5%  ABV!  Your reigning, medium-bodied weight champion!  Everyone, put your hands together for Cabernet Sauvignon!”

Can’t you hear it? The crowd is going wild! Grown adults are crying with joy, other disgruntled members argue that another competitor should have won, and the theme music is turned up to ample volume in celebration!  What’s that? You really can hear it!?  From where you’re sitting, this is just another Captain’s Quarter’s Pick-up Party evening at Captain’s Walk as your Uncle Dale and Cousin Marla debate whether the current or previous vintage of Cabernet was better.  You don’t offer much for input.  The Cabernet based wines here are your favorite!  I mean, you just can’t go wrong!  You always end up leaving with at least two bottles of wine whenever you find a free Saturday to enjoy some wine and the great atmosphere.  The Cabernet Sauvignon has always displayed aromas of jam, toffee and mocha, which make every sip full of dark currant, boysenberry and ripe plum all the more rich!  You know by experience that this wine pairs well with so many varieties of cooked red meat dishes but your favorite pairing of all is just sitting down with a full glass and a thick bar of dark chocolate.

Your Cabernet daydream is complemented by the band’s rendition of Lake Street Dive’s, “You Go Down Smooth”.  Uncle Dale and Marla are still comparing wine notes; at least now they seem to be on the same side of admiring the bold, savory nature of the wine.  You pick up your glass of Cabernet Sauvignon-Malbec.  You initially hadn’t imagined it would taste much different than the original Cabernet Sauvignon that is served at the winery, yet you are taken over by the opulent, warm aromas of blackberry jam, plum and cassis.  Subtle notes of toasted oak and vanilla blend with the rich flavors of black currant that make you ponder as to if you truly did have a molasses cookie in red, delicious, liquid form.  The cheese sampling of gouda, cheddar and blue cheese that you purchased from the winery’s bistro could not have been a better pair for the current celebration of flavor that is occurring on the surface of your taste buds.

 As the band plays on and your night ends with laughter and the thankful feeling of your surrounding family, you hurry into the winery to make your purchases.  You readily approach the counter with a smile and excitement for another glass upon your arrival home.

“A bottle of your Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Sauvignon-Malbec, please!”

Submitted By: Renee S. Young; New Franken, WI; Captain’s Quarters Member Since 2018

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