Better Off Red!


Jessica Rabbit, your favorite red-headed & ruby-lipped dynamo in a shimmering scarlet gown. The Muppets’ Animal, a fiery yet loveable character that would leave Electric Mayhem motionless if not for his impeccable rhythm.  Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller jacket, the one you pleaded your parents to get and spent the rest of the summer of 1983 dancing in front of the MTV screen in. With the color of passion, power, and 80’s nostalgia coursing through your veins, I guess it’s no wonder why your favorite wine is also Captain’s Red.

Captain’s Red just makes you feel empowered and bold! When you sip a glass of this wine, you suddenly change from “quiet, little Cindy” into the Captain of the house! You are in charge of this ship! Grab that empty roll of birthday-themed wrapping paper, grab that toilet plunger, it doesn’t matter! This home is under your command and someone is about to walk the plank, even if it’s the cat!

I mean, there is nothing wrong with white wines in your mind, but there is something extra special about the way that a red wine makes your lips feel a little plumper, as well as the deep color it adds as you wink and blow yourself a kiss in the mirror.  It even provides a natural blush to your face to highlight your cheekbones.  In all honesty, you’re actually starting to feel more and more like Jessica Rabbit the further down the glass you proceed.

Buy why red wine? Do the benefits outweigh the stains? Just ask these plump, ruby red lips and increased self-confidence… the answer is Yes! “Yes!” to your beloved Captain’s Red! “Yes!” to Petite Verdot! “Yes!” to Crimson Moscato!

Without red wine, a night with the gals would not contain the same amount of laughter, open feelings, happy tears or telling everyone in the room (including strangers) that you love them.  (Hey, we’ve all been there.) Red wine brings us together not only in moments of heartbreak; like when Ashley’s boyfriend was straight-up being a jerk. “I mean, come on, did you see the way he rolled his eyes at her? And don’t even get me started on those nasty boat shoes of his! Who does this guy think he is!?” But red wine also brings us together in times of celebration; like when your best friend watched the birth of his daughter and you both cheered about the future to come.  Regardless of what the occasion is, red wine always has your back, even if it may stain your front.

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