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2019 BrewVino Steer Roast

June 8, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm




The BrewVino Steer Roast is a wine and beer event of a different flavor!

Steer Roast • Special Wine and Beer Release • Quality Music
Saturday, June 8, from 11am to 5pm.

Purchase tickets at the bottom of the page!

$25 ticket price includes admission, delicious food, water, a commemorative glass, and fantastic tunes provided by Conscious Pilot and Mocking Bird!
*If tickets sell out online, they will not be available on the day of the event.


You’ll have the chance to taste the most popular varieties of von Stiehl wines and Ahnapee brews during the event and enjoy the opportunity to buy an exclusive batch each of wine and beer produced just for the event.

Steer Roast Photo

What’s so special about the steer roast? For starters, the steer is unique.

Spent grains from the brewery are currently being fed to our steer at the Bryersquart Family Farm, one of the top farms in polled genetic cattle in Door County. Bryersquart is family to one of the winery owners. The steer is well cared for by Scott Jeanquart, a genetic expert, who is growing one of Door County’s finest herds. His animals and embryos are sold at auction to buyers in the United States and beyond.

Why is the steer roast called the “BrewVino Roast?”

This steer is raised on Ahnapee Brewery spent grains at the Bryersquart Family Farm (Brew). Prior to the roast, the steer is bathed in a cherry wine marinade (Vino). This is a true farm-to-table experience! And not just anybody is preparing this feast. For starters, the steer is processed by Otto’s Meats in Luxemburg. von Stiehl Winemaker, Aric Schmiling, prepares the special cherry and red wine marinade. Then, the full carcass is marinated for 24 hours prior to the steer roast. The roast begins with a hot fire at 3 am on the day of the event, with a serving time somewhere between noon and 2 pm.


BrewVino at von Stiehl Winery  BrewVino Roast at von Stiehl Winery  BrewVino at von Stiehl Winery



What does everything cost?

The ticket for this event costs $25 and includes admission, the steer plate, bottled water, a commemorative glass, and fantastic tunes. Wine and beer are àla carte. If there’s extra food after everyone’s been served, you will have the opportunity to buy extras!

A Super Select wine tasting will also be available for purchase in our cellars for $15.

Kewaunee County sales tax and an 85¢ online ticketing fee are added to e-commerce sales.

Tickets can be purchased by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Tickets are non-transferable. Lastly, no refunds on tickets.

What’s on the steer plate?

Beef, corn on the cob, and other fixings, which might include a roll, beans and coleslaw.

Should I bring a chair?

It might not hurt. We have seating for around 300, and a capped attendance of 750. People do come and go, so getting a table isn’t super hard.

Is it rain or shine?

You bet. Also keep in mind that Lake Michigan can offer a chilly 45 degree wind anytime before the 4th of July. It would be wise to bring layers and a jacket.

Is there free wine and beer tasting?

Not inside the event grounds. Inside the winery, we offer complimentary tasting. The brewery almost never gives away their beer, but 5-ounce samplers sell in the tap room for $2 each.

Will there be winery tours?

Yes! However, we will only have two tours due to the event. The tours will be at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. For more information on our tours click here.

Is my pup allowed?

Due to this event being a food event, we are not allowing dogs inside the event grounds. The only exception is for service dogs.

Can I pay for the tickets with a debit or credit card instead of using PayPal?

Yes! Fill out the bottom ticket information. After clicking “Proceed to Check Out”, look over your information. You will then enter your billing information. Click proceed to PayPal (the next page will have the option to use debit or credit). On the next page that pops up, either sign in to PayPal or click “Pay with Debit or Credit” at the bottom. This will allow you to pay via your Debit/Credit Card instead of creating a PayPal account.

Who’s running this show?

It’s a collaboration among Ahnapee Brewery and von Stiehl Winery. Von Stiehl Winery is the event organizer. If you have a specific question that is not covered, please feel free to email our special events coordinator at rayanne@vonstiehl.com.


June 8, 2019
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Rayanne Racine


von Stiehl Winery
115 Navarino Street
Algoma, WI 54201 United States
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Who's Attending

192 people are attending 2019 BrewVino Steer Roast

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  • Daniel Degeneffe
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  • Julie Wanie
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  • Kimberly Saltow
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  • Mary Merten
  • Nate Jasperson
  • Jeffrey Shafer
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  • thomas belle
  • Mary Willcox
  • Daniel Fochs
  • Louise Bennett
  • Robert Seroogy
  • Joshua Bahr
  • Ted Jozefiak
  • Elizabeth Krause
  • Allan Giese
  • Daniel Bergh
  • randy walbrun
  • Jacob Seroogy
  • Holly Kallies
  • Gregg Rogers
  • Mark Neyrinck
  • Miriam Willmann
  • Simon Van Huyssteen
  • Thomas Starks
  • Robert Favaro
  • Dan Baughman
  • Michelle Flunker
  • Bill Folk
  • Debbie and Craig Mengeling
  • Ray Mclean
  • Valerie Bielinski
  • Christina Burby
  • Margo Vande Zande
  • Dawn Donner-Chambers
  • Max Rehbein
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  • Angie Wheeler
  • Rebecca Pollard
  • Joel Schweitzer
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