Happy Retirement Sallie!

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Happy Retirement Sallie!We Wish a Happy Retirement to Sallie!

On von Stiehl’s 38th year in business, the best salesperson to work in a winery this side of the Mississippi River took over our Algoma tasting room. Arriving with decades of experience in the art of service and selling, Sallie Marquardt massaged a ‘sweet cherry wine in a plastic cup’ winery into an elegant upscale tasting room experience. Now we wish her a Happy Retirement.

Over the years, Sal gathered individuals with big hearts and amazing work ethics. She found talent willing to learn and grow. She herself dove deep into learning through wine shows, tastings and seminars. Her experience as a caterer contributed to the development of our wine and food pairings. She led us all into further development of our palates and knowledge of how wine and food marry (she would never say food and wine; wine always came first!)

Building relationships with vendors, long-term customers, and employees was one of her many strong suits. Approachable by all, and a discouragement to none, a simple smile from Sallie was often enough to keep us all going. Having her in the building gave us all a little more peace of mind.

As part of her farewell, we asked her co-workers to write a little something to honor Sallie in her retirement. Here’s what we had to say…

Dear Sallie,
As an Algoma ‘resider’…one who returns home after being elsewhere… you helped me find a new connection to friends, activities, fun, and a sense of purpose. It has been a daily learning experience working with you at von Stiehl. You are an expert at many things–you can calm a tasting room with a ‘look,’ help a clueless wine taster find a perfect wine, encourage tasting room staff in ways we all know!  You have been a teacher, counselor, and instigator!
Thank you!
One retirement phrase is my mantra, and I recommend it to you…
‘Never say never,’
May you find joy and happiness as your life continues to unfold.
Love to you,
Joan, Hospitality


Sallie, you are a wonderful mentor, leader and friend.

Not only have you provided instruction, but also gave direction and inspiration to all of your co-workers, in building this taste room into what it is today.

I am grateful for your support and kindness during our transition over the last seven months, and wish you happiness and health as you move on to the next chapter in your life. Happy retirement!

Patti, Retail Manager


The stories and memories of Sallie are endless as they are priceless. But the thing I’m going to remember and miss most about Sallie is the impression she was able to leave on every person she met. From the smile and hugs she received from customers whom recognized her from past experiences at von Stiehl and Captain’s Walk- as she was able to connect and talk to anyone at a unique and personal level, to the way she was able to teach and guide employees and co-workers and turn anyone into a sales person-it just took that special touch to get to know each person in order to dig deep into their individual potential.

Even though we drove each other crazy at times due to our differences, we always seemed to ‘get’ each other and connected to make things work. Thank you for being an amazing teacher, co-worker and friend for the past 8 years! I wish you nothing but the best in your retirement as you deserve it!

Katie, General Manager


When I think about Sallie, I immediately go to food and wine pairing.  Over all of the years with her at von Stiehl, we’ve done a ton of pairings and have learned a lot from each other about food and wine.  Sallie has a keen sense when it comes to aromas and flavors of food and I’m grateful to have learned from her during her time here.

We are all lucky to have Sallie as a co-worker and friend over all the years here at von Stiehl.  Sallie has brought von Stiehl great refinement, impeccable customer service, increased sales, and most of all an enjoyable tasting room experience for both customers and employees.

Thank you for all of the years dedicated to von Stiehl and we look forward to working with you in the future.  Cheers to Sallie!!

Aric, Master Winemaker and Co-Owner


Of the many, almost forgotten, jobs between college and winery ownership, I had a two-month stint of installing phones in cars at Cellcom in De Pere. Not too many people went out of their way to say hi… with the exception of Sallie, a polished saleswoman who was making the mobile phone business into what it is today. She would always have a kind word walking by as I stopped to look up from under the dirty carpet of a contractor truck. Way back in 1998 is when Sallie earned my admiration, when the only things that I managed were wires, and candy-bar wrappers that had fallen under car seats. Who would have known that she would work for our family business someday?

Now in 2017, we’ve had the honor of employing her for twelve years, and even the higher honor of calling her a friend. I’m sad that we won’t see her smiling, encouraging, face daily at the winery, but am so happy that she now has the free time of retirement to call her own.

My regret is that we allowed her to give so much of herself. We all were so eager to receive her attention, so willing to let her pour into us, so quick to share our challenges with her. She gave so much of herself; and I’m not sure that we gave as much back. Yet she took it in stride without complaint, and did her best with all of us.

In her twelve years at von Stiehl, Sallie left more than a fingerprint. She left an unmatched legacy of priorities and values with our business. ‘Just putting in time’ was never a sentiment that any of us gleaned from her attitude. She showed up with enthusiasm, drive, desire to improve others, and a better future for all of us in mind. Who gives like that?

Sallie – Take extra time to shoot that turkey. Wait it out for the 14 point buck this November. Make your garden and flowers more beautiful than ever next spring. Sleep whenever you want to. YOU EARNED IT!

William Butler Yeats said it best…

“Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends”

Sallie, you have made us all better for knowing you.

Brad, Business Manager & Co-Owner




Happy Retirement Sallie!


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