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Help Wanted

March 22nd, 2016 by

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help wanted! Imagine working in a place where customers enter anticipating a good time. In this world you offer complimentary wine to happy guests, suggest enjoyable ways to save money, and deliver chocolate and cheese to satisfy eager taste buds.

Only a fraction of customers bring problems. Instead, most will visit with you and eagerly anticipate learning a few bits of wine knowledge. Some may even enjoy a tour of the oldest licensed winery in the state, which utilizes the newest winemaking equipment and practices. Our customers are most often looking to have a good time: they are not a standard cross-section of consumers. You’ll witness engagement proposals, first dates, ghost occurrences, and a wide variety of things that just aren’t normal.

Your co-workers have a positive attitude toward life, and will seek to build you up. Nothing will taste better after a full day of giving tours and tastings than a glass of beer with your co-workers two doors down in the neighborhood garage-turned-tap room.

Can you see yourself working hard in a part-time job like this?

It won’t make you rich, but the group of people that inhabit and visit von Stiehl Winery are about as good as it gets.

Sound interesting? Here are more details. Won’t you consider working for us this season?

The position of Hospitality/Tourguide is one of being involved with people. Guests arrive anticipating an enjoyable experience, and we ask that you grant that experience through wine tasting, guided tours, culinary pairings, and your personality. You will be asked to pour wine samples and to entertain guests as you guide their tour through our 15,000 square foot production winery.

You might fit well with us if you:
•Understand the necessity of a positive attitude
•Possess superb interpersonal skills related to customer service
•Have effectiveness in persuasively presenting our product
•Can hustle and think fast while exhibiting a calm demeanor
•Are willing to help clean
•Can entertain, be relaxed, and be yourself while giving tours of our facility

A few more things you’re probably wondering…

Dress Suggestion:
Casual business attire is appropriate; we want you to look professional and be comfortable. Mostly we want our guests to notice our wine, not what our staff is wearing. No open toed shoes, blue jeans or shorts are allowed. NO perfumes or colognes are to be worn while working at von Stiehl Winery. Any personal odors such as cigarette smoke, diesel fumes, halitosis, etc. cannot be permitted.

Our intent is to be flexible when scheduling tasting room staff. If you have a time when you cannot work please give notification as soon as possible before the schedule is made. Please note that you are responsible for covering the hours assigned to you once a schedule is posted.

• 30% off of the retail price of all merchandise at von Stiehl, Captain’s Walk, and Ahnapee Brewery, including wine and beer.
• Two bottles of wine per month, for a penny each, up to a $30 value, for any employee working a minimum of four days per month.

• New hire starting wage is $9.50/hour.
• Additional commission based on group club sales along with winery dollars.

Please email your resumé to Sal@vonstiehl.com, or call Sallie at 920-487-5208 ext 103 to learn more about becoming part of our winery.

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