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Meet the Makers Beer & Wine Festival

April 2nd, 2015 by


Meet the Makers Wine and Beer Festival

June 20, 2015 from 11am. to 6pm.

Do you know the difference between a wine festival and a beer festival? Wine fests, at least in the Midwest, are usually hosted by a single winery to celebrate the grape harvest. There’s no better feeling for a vineyard owner than to see all of the grapes in lugs, safe from hail, birds, and all of the little critters that love ripe grapes! Beer festivals typically bring in dozens and sometimes hundreds of different breweries for a crazy big tasting event. Attendees come anticipating new flavors from the brewmasters’ latest creations.

Meet the Makers will be a blend of the two types of festivals. We will be offering a number of von Stiehl Winery wines and Ahnapee Brewery beers made just for that day. They may or may not last for the entirety of the Meet the Makers festival. You will Meet the Makers as the brewers and winemakers will be the ones pouring, leaving no question unanswered and giving you a chance to judge, taste, and write your own descriptions of the experimental batches. Awards will be given for the most accurate, and most hilarious descriptions.

Speaking of critters, we’re going to feed you one, but it won’t be small. The spent grains from the brewery are
currently being fed to a Texas Longhorn cattle on a nearby farm in Door County. In fact, the Bryersquart Family Farm is one of the top farms in polled genetic cattle in Door County. One Longhorn/Jersey mix steer will meet their maker so that Skaliwags can smoke them whole for the festival. That’s one more Meet the Makers maker: Skaliwags owner Chef Chris.

Not to sound like a cheesy TV commercial, but there’s more! Meet the Makers will be rolling out a Shopping Expo to include even more makers.

We will also be having a special Cheese and Chocolate and wine pairing for that day only.

Cost is $5 per person. Advanced tickets are no longer available at Brownpapertickets.com. Tickets are available at the winery or at the gate on Saturday.

Live Music:

MockingBird from 11-2

MockingBird is a full, energetic and harmonious sound; blending acoustic, bass and electric guitars with vocals, keyboards and drums. They perform a variety of 60’s to 80’s classic-rock, and country-rock standards. MockingBird is a fun and family-friendly band.

Brass Differential • 2–6 pm: Horn-centered sound is steeped in New Orleans tradition and features a spicy gumbo of musical styles, including jazz, blues, funk, R&B, soul, and hip-hop.


Thank you to all that attended our first Meet the Makers Festival! Below are the winners of the name and description writing contest. Congratulations to all!


Traminette: Description winner: Laura Slater

The light, aromatic, delightfully sweet wine with a delicious floral bouquet will delight your senses and remind you of a beautiful summer day!

Big Roast Red: Winner: Barbara LaPlant

Name: Cool City Red

Sparkling Red: Winner: Laura Slater

Name: Firecracker Red

Muscat Royale: Winner: Brad Beckman

Name: Muscat Love


Whiskey Barrel: Winner: Julian Davis

Name: Kentucky Burn

Rum Barrel: Winner: Kira Ohlsen

Name: Peg-Legged

Description: Get your German pirate on with this delicious rum barrel-aged Doppelbock. Balanced perfectly with a subtle sweetness of vanilla beans, but still strong enough to ward off the scurvy!

Stainless: Winner: Ryan Hatzenbeller

Name: Steelhead Doppelbock

14 thoughts on “Meet the Makers Beer & Wine Festival

  1. Steven

    What are you actually getting for the 5 dollars ? What is the cost of everything else…Thanks

    1. vonstiehl

      Hi Steven,
      The $5 is a cover charge. It gives us the ability to pay the bands, music licensing fees, tent rentals, and table/chair rentals. Without these things it would be a quiet, much more weather-dependent event. We hope to cover the rest of the expenses from sales of wine and beer 🙂

      We haven’t nailed down the exact amount of other costs, but you will be able to purchase sample size or full size portions of wine and beer. Those will be around $5 to $10 depending of the item and quantity. There will also be a flight option, where you can purchase all wine or beer samples at a discount.
      Steer plate prices are TBD by Ribbon of Hope, which is the non-profit group that is working to earn income to help cancer survivors.

      Thank you for the question. Brad

    1. vonstiehl

      Hi Jessica G,
      The event was not created with children in mind. We typically recommend leaving children at home given that alcohol is involved. However, we do try to keep festivities at a PG rating. A DD is a great idea!
      Thank you,

  2. Molly

    Trying to plan my day, as much travel is involved. Will the steer be served as a lunch meal or will it be later on in the afternoon?

    1. vonstiehl

      Hi Molly,
      I’m sorry that we missed replying to you. This was our first ‘rodeo’, so we weren’t sure. We hoped to offer food immediately when the festival opened, and did make that happen. The steer was planned to come off of the fire around noon. Hopefully this will be the case in the future as well.
      Thank you,

  3. Anna

    I was wondering would this be dog friendly or not? Is it outside mostly? Of course dogs would be on leash? Just wondering?

    1. Nick Calaway

      Hello Anna, The festival is mostly outdoors however only service dogs will be allowed in to the festival. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  4. Nanci

    I see that advanced tickets are no longer on sale — can we still pay at the door?

    1. vonstiehl

      Hi Diane,
      I’m sorry that it’s a little late for this reply. Meet the Makers was held right at von Stiehl Winery at 115 Navarino Street. Hope you found it!

  5. Cara Brzezinski

    I had purcahsed a $10 raffle ticket for the Breast Cancer Ribbon of hope. We could not stay for the drawing. Are ticket numbers being posted anywhere? Or, did you have to be present to win?
    Thank you.

    1. vonstiehl

      Hi Cara, I’m sorry to say that you had to be present to win.

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