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Naughty November

November 9th, 2009 by

Things haven’t been good lately up in the North Pole, and we’re not referring to climate change. Naughty Mrs. Klaus told Santa what he could do with his sleigh, ran out the door and hasn’t been seen since. The elves found a note on their workbench reading “Bake your own cookies and wash your own underwear; I’m headed south!” Everyone is worried.

Help us find Naughty Mrs. Klaus!

Every week in November, we will post a hint within a wine special here in the blog. If you are one of the first twelve to e-mail her exact location to vonstiehl@vonstiehl.com, you’ll receive a free bottle of Naughty Girl. We don’t recommend sharing it with Mrs. Klaus.

Read on to learn about our newest wine, Doc. Stiehl’s Cherry Bounce.

We will be bottling a new wine called Cherry Bounce this Thursday… Doc Stiehl’s Cherry Bounce.

We announced the coming of this high-spirited wine in spring. As with any wine aged in oak, it took a little longer than what we expected. Thank you for your patience. The label has now been sent for printing and the Bounce bottling is scheduled for the week of November 16 (no promises).

This is a blend of cherry wine and cherry eau dé vie (brandy distilled from cherry wine). The concoction was aged in oak for four months with cherries. Those same cherries will then be added to each bottle when filled with wine.

Please come taste some of the best cherry wine that we have ever produced.

Retail $28/bottle.


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