Reminiscing On the 7 Seas


As we grow older, life gets a little more complicated.  Jobs get stressful, the kids start entering puberty (Terrifying!), and the balance between work and play seems to become unfavorably weighted.  Actually, speaking of “play”, I can’t remember the last time I engaged in such an activity.  For the last 10 months my “play” has been the twenty minute commute to work where I listen to my guilty pleasure of 90’s Hip-Hop, and for a few minutes, I’m not an “uncool” mother of two teenage boys; I’m “Left-Eileen”, belting out “No Scrubs” as I perform all the stationary dance moves that are physically possible while seat-belted inside a powder-blue Toyota Prius.

As I sit in my living room, I look down at the bottle of Captain’s Walk 7 Seas Rosé in front of me.  I had read an article stating that the wine received a Double Gold medal at the 2021 Experience Rosé Competition, and since I live just down the road from the winery, I figured I’d treat myself.  As I lean in for my first sip, my nose is filled with the aromas of fresh pear, apple, and apricot.  As the tangy liquid hits my tongue, my ungraceful, post-workday slouch is abruptly corrected and I am filled with a sudden rush of zesty energy.  Man, no wonder why this wine received such a high honor.

 I then begin thinking again about my part-time, morning gig as a 90’s rap star.  Hey! Maybe it’s not too late to shift the scales for more play after all! Hip-hop artist by day… Pirate by night??? I eye up the subtle blush color of the seven-grape blend inside the clear bottle.  Through the soft lighting of the lamp across the room, the wine seems to shimmer a dark gold.  It looks like I may have already found the iconic “buried treasure”.  The elaborate map design of the label gives off true notions of setting sail on the high seas and reminds me of a “treasure map” I had made for my boys when they were younger.  We spent hours exploring the backyard until my husband walked out and gave a concerning look regarding the multiple holes that had been dug and the dirt that soon covered the boys’ tiny faces, although they probably don’t remember anymore.

I laugh to myself as I envision the full bottle as a telescope and soon become the lookout in the Crow’s Nest of a massive ship.  My main task is to scope the waters for sea creatures that may be lurking in the depths; aka, the two hormonal teenagers that terrorize the fridge and can turn grown men to stone with a single eye roll.  Oh gosh, sound the alarms! I spot them now!  They slowly appear from behind a door marked, “Keep Out”.  I catch a smile across their face as they observe the bottle of 7 Seas.  “Hey, Mom. Do you remember that one time you made us a treasure map and we spent the entire day playing pirates in the backyard?  I still think about that day.”  I give a big grin back.  And in that moment, the sea monsters that I had been cautious of became the same, sweet, dirt-covered little boys that I fell in love with.  “ I sure do, baby.”

Submitted By: Eileen Walker; Bellevue, WI; Captain’s Quarters Member Since 2019

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