Rosé The Day Away!


As we approach the start of summer, it’s time to consider what wine you will nominate as your concert series dancing partner, your hype man, and your consumable internal AC unit. Since the lakeshore breeze can only do so much to combat the sun, why not reach for a refreshing bottle of rosé to help pucker up those taste buds and sweat glands to send a cool, tangy sensation from head to toe!

If you’re looking for such a bottle of rosé, you are in good hands!

Buy a bottle of our 7 Seas and experience an ocean of flavor with this seven grape blend! With vibrant aromas of fresh pear, ripe apple and aromatic apricot, this rosé makes for the perfect summer porch-pounder! Or try our Marquette Rosé! This sweet and tangy rosé beholds strawberry flavors that will tantalize the taste buds while the vibrant pink color will enliven a midsummer afternoon!

These rosés have a natural acidity that truly puts them in a category all their own! Not too sweet, not too dry, just the perfect one-of-a-kind creation! These rosés are very versatile, with the most popular pairings being poultry, pork, ham, and seafoods. Also, try pairing these rosés with goat cheese and other mild or delicate cheeses!  Not familiar with rosé wines? Well, then it’s time to be adventurous and try something new!

Sipping a chilled bottle of rosé begins as a spine aligning crispness that may present itself as a full body shimmy.  So be sure to add that move into your arsenal of “shoulder shrugging” and the infamous, “Shopping Cart”.  Actually, while you’re at it,  your wife also wants me to remind you to remove “The Sprinkler” from that arsenal as well… “I mean, come on, Derek! The kids and our friends are watching for pete’s sake!”  After the tart facial expression leaves your cheeks and your salivary glands return to normal working condition, you then observe how the sweat droplets on your forearms have turned to goosebumps.  The peaceful, ‘Sunny & 75’ sensation that you are currently experiencing has now replaced your prior feelings of comparing yourself to that overheated African Rhino you watched on that PBS show last night.  You stare at your glass of rosé in wonderment.  You exchange what you consider to be a mutual and understanding glance between yourself and the glass of rosé.  You’ve officially found that summer partner in crime; that other half that makes the heat bearable…  Aww garsh, now you’re both blushing.

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