Serve Wisconsin Wine with Thanksgiving

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The Thanksgiving feast is close at hand. Soon we’ll be tucking into roast turkey, stuffing, hot buttered rolls, and greens. We’ll be cooking for days, or traveling for hours, and joining together with friends and family no matter where we are. It’s a busy time of year, but a good time of year.

For us, it’s impossible to think about our Thanksgiving feast without wondering which of our Wisconsin Wines we’ll enjoy with it.

Each year, many people are haunted by these and other age-old questions:

  • “Which wine will go best with the appetizers?”
  • “Which wine goes best with roast Turkey?”
  • “Which wine goes best with candied yams?”
  • “Red or white?”
  • “What should I serve with dessert?”

Aside from the strong belief that you can’t go wrong with von Stiehl Wisconsin Wines, we support your right to serve what you like. Don’t worry about convention.

If you’re hosting many people, consider opening several different bottles and letting your guests decide for themselves. After all, extra wine will keep, and you want your guests to be happy. We know people who only drink red wine. They drink it on hot summer days, they drink it with hot, spicy food, they drink it on its own. They drink it because they like it. Likewise, we know people who prefer white on any occasion – with a big slab of red meat, with a big bowl of hearty pasta, and on its own.

We believe certain wines and foods complement each other. We are not alone. But if you have friends who like what they like, let them drink what they like on Thanksgiving. Or give them a choice. Open a bottle of our Chardonnay and a bottle of our Naughty Girl with the appetizers. Open bottles of our Satin Red and Riesling with the main meal. Open Doc Steihl’s Cherry Bounce and our Raspberry Framboise with dessert. You’ll find out if your guests prefer one bottle over another.

If you have your heart set on pairing wine with your meal, stop by our Tasting Room in Algoma and ask for advice. We’d love to work with you.

Our Riesling would go well with a Thanksgiving feast.

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