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The Final Clue

December 1st, 2009 by

The Final Clue – Mrs. Naughty Klaus is Back in Town

Other than feeling bad about accidently stealing a kayak, Santa was in a fairly chipper mood upon his return to the North Pole. You could say he was in a “ho, ho, whole better mood.”

The crew was cranking out toys and had returned to a happy mood. The elves were washing their own laundry, and Bart moved past toast and ketchup to creating some delightful cuisine for the elves culinary enjoyment. Bart had perfected his helicopter design. Everyone was healthy (plenty of sanitizer around) and happy and singing songs of Christmas cheer.

Things took a slight turn for the worse when Santa stuck his head into the elves’ quarters. Now that the laundry wasn’t piled up, Santa was able to see a kris cross pattern of duct tape covering the hatch to the elves’ basement. Being curious, Santa crawled to the top of the roof and slid down the chimney with lightning speed. Popping out by the basement boiler, Santa was stunned when he saw his missing case of hydraulic fluid stacked on top of a case (well, 11 bottles to be exact) of Christmas Blush.

Santa called Bart into the workshop office to have a little conversation about oil hoarding. Bart explained that it was for Santa’s own good and that hydraulic was neither an essential or cooking oil! Well, that misunderstanding was smoothed out when Santa said he had no intention of ingesting, only dumping. With his sleigh, of course.

Just when all of the awkward moments had passed, Mrs. Klaus returned from that harbor town named after the predecessor to a baby chicken.

Mrs. Naughty Klaus called Santa into her kitchen to have a little conversation about wine hoarding. She explained that she doesn’t normally drink more than a glass or two a day. So his idea to fill up wine bottles with hydraulic oil insulted her. Santa explained that it wasn’t his idea, it was Bart’s, but that he still agreed to it and now feels “ho, ho, horrible.” Mrs. Klaus confirmed that it was a bad idea and informed Santa that it will never happen again. He apologized.

Mrs. Klaus sure did have a terrific time on her ten day tour. She met the most adorable couple, Carl and Susan, at her hideout. In fact, they even poured some von Stiehl wine for her to enjoy after the mocha wore off.

Santa and Bart cooked the rest of the cookies for the season, the case of Christmas Blush was returned to Mrs. Naughty Klaus for her enjoyment (although she gave most if it away as gifts), and the elves tied a small bottle of hand sanitizer to every present for every girl and boy.

If there was a moral to this story, it might be that you shouldn’t try to trick other people, because things can go south fast, but there isn’t.

If you are one of the first twelve to e-mail where Mrs. Klaus was to vonstiehl@vonstiehl.com, we’ll give you a free bottle of Naughty Girl.

Mrs. Klaus may have been naughty, but you’ve been nice. Please enjoy as your reward a free bottle of Christmas Blush or Christmas Wine when you buy six at the winery through Christmas (expires 12/20/2009).


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