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The First Clue

November 10th, 2009 by

This is the First Clue to uncovering the whereabouts of Naughty Mrs. Klaus:

Santa and His Sleigh

Santa was changing the oil in his new hydraulic gift-dumping sleigh when Rudolf chimed in and suggested he use an empty Christmas Blush bottle to capture the used oil. “That way if Mrs. Klaus tries to sneak a drink from your wine bottle, she’ll think the wine tastes bad and won’t ever try that again. “She’ll see your picture on the label and know from now on that that wine is yours!”

Santa thought it sounded like a good idea; what he didn’t take into account was that Mrs. Klaus happened to be bringing him fresh cookies and milk when she overheard them scheming. She and her cookies made a quick turn and went into the elves’ spare tool shed. She opened a bottle of Christmas Wine and drank the whole thing to calm down while she finished off Santa’s cookies. She thought it would be funny to tell the head elf, Bartholomew, that Santa was losing it so bad that he was drinking hydraulic oil out of a wine bottle and that if something wasn’t done soon, Santa might become ill from oilarrhea. She left another note on the workbench and disappeared. Being the saint he is, Bart freaked! He didn’t know what oilarrhea was, but it must surely be bad! He told the rest of the elves and they immediately hid the hydraulic oil in the basement of their quarters.

Of course, Santa couldn’t find the oil when it was time to refill his sleigh. He knew something was up when he asked Bart if he’d seen the oil and all Bart said was that oilarrhea was a serious health problem and that Santa should read the Government Warning on the back of the oil can.

After further searching, Santa found Mrs. Klaus’s empty wine bottle in the elves’ shed; he still doesn’t know exactly what that means. He still hasn’t found his oil or Naughty Mrs. Klaus. She blew a gasket, and isn’t done with him and his conniving yet! What he doesn’t know is that the Christmas Wine back label description inspired Naughty Mrs. Klaus to go somewhere special! Now you do.

Watch the blog on www.vonstiehl.com for upcoming clues and be the first to find Mrs. Klaus. Perhaps you’ll win a bottle of free wine while you’re at it!

Along with this clue, we are offering 33% off of either a full case of Christmas Wine or Christmas Blush when the order is called in or when you visit in person. This offer ends Saturday, Nov 14 2009.


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