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The Second Clue

November 16th, 2009 by

Mrs. Naughty Klaus

Second Clue – Here’s the Dirt…

Someone should have bought stock in hand sanitizer because the elves are bringing it in by the truckload. Bart has been trying to focus on a new wooden helicopter design, but he keeps getting sidetracked by scary things on the telly. Everyone south (which is actually everyone when you live at the north pole) has been wearing face masks and washing hands to avoid catching the swijn flu. Being a bit of a Dutch hypochondriac, Bart thought it would be a good idea to offer protection from every sort of sickness including the flu and oilarrhea – especially Santa.

After the third truck load of hand sanitizer arrived at the elves’ dock, Santa raised an eyebrow. “Bart, what’s with all of this sanitizer?”

“Everyone needs to be safe this year and stay germ-free! So I thought we could pack sanitizer in all of the gifts,” Bart defended.

“Do you know how much extra weight that will add to my sleigh? As it is, I can’t seem to find the hydraulic oil,” Santa replied.

To which Bart blurted out, “Santa, you don’t need any more oil! Besides, you have bigger problems. Mrs. Klaus is still missing with Donner, Blitzen, and the back-up sleigh. The elves are almost out of clean clothes. You can’t find your sleigh keys, and nobody’s cooking. You’re losing so much weight that your trousers keep falling down and people around the Pole are starting to talk!”

You see, Bart gets a little defensive when his motives are questioned, and he wanted to change the subject from that whole oil fiasco.

“Santa”, Bart exclaimed, “why don’t you go with Dasher and Comet in the training sleigh to Algoma to shop for the Thanksgiving turkey. Pick up some Wisconsin Cranberry wine from von Stiehl while you’re there. They’re having a ‘buy 3 get the fourth bottle free’ sale from the 16th through the 25th of November, 2009. Maybe you can keep an eye out for Mrs. Klaus on your way there. I hear she’s somewhere between us and Algoma.”

Dancer told Bart that Blitzen sent him a text saying “outsd log cabin, MrsK gting dbl mocha”.

Let’s help Bart piece these clues together to find Mrs. Klaus before it’s too late! Every week this month, we will post a hint with a wine special on our blog. If you’re one of the first twelve to e-mail her exact location to vonstiehl@vonstiehl.com, we’ll give you a free bottle of Naughty Girl.


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