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The Third Clue

November 23rd, 2009 by

Third Clue – Mrs. Naughty Klaus & the Mysterious Kayak

Santa returned from his jaunt to Wisconsin dragging a kayak behind his sleigh and he has no idea why! Santa was so angry when he left that he pushed Comet and Dasher a little too hard. Dasher blew a reindeershoe and limped through the air like a…well there aren’t many similes for that one.

Feeling bad and wanting to “smooth” things over, Santa opened a bottle of Cherry Bounce and shared it with Dasher, Bart, and Comet. The bottle of Bounce briskly disappeared.

Bart asked Santa if there was any sight or sound from Mrs. Klaus. Santa got a tip from Sallie at the winery. Sallie said she saw Mrs. Klaus come in three separate times to sample the same six wines. Mrs. Klaus let a few things slip to Sallie. She donated half of Santa’s red coats to the Salvation Army, then sought out a delightful massage at the spa in Hotel Sierra. She sashayed across the river to Captain’s Walk Winery and caused a bottle of their Disappearing Treasure to live up to its name. Sallie said that in her last visit, Mrs. Klaus mentioned she was going to a delightful cabin north of Algoma to have a cup of something to sober up.

Comet, Dasher, and Bart were at the edge of their seat in anticipation: had Santa finally found her and was he about to say where this cabin was? Santa said that while she didn’t want to be seen, he saw her with Donner and Blitzen. He parked behind that cabin to sneak a peak. Afraid of being spotted, he hurried the takeoff; that’s when he snagged the kayak.

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