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Upgrading the Old Tunnels

May 23rd, 2012 by

We’ve been digging big holes and uncovering things that haven’t been seen in 150 years and people are asking questions.

The winery opened in 1967 with building codes that still apply to the winery today. Until we renovate, there is no requirement to update any part of the building. This is great from a financial perspective, but is no good when it comes to today’s standards for accessibility. In an effort to fit in a 70- foot-long ramp so that everyone can reach our front door, we got sidetracked.

There’s this tunnel that runs from the back wall of the winery to the edge of our sidewalk, right below where the ramp will be. Though it has been used for wine production and aging, it is a bit of a pain when spring rains come and wash through the limestone walls/ceiling onto the barrels. Keeping the tunnels dry has been a challenge, so the job at hand is a waterproof coating/shield over the structure.

We dug to approximately 20′ below our front doorway, have poured concrete around and over the tunnel, and are now getting back to the business of pouring a concrete handicap ramp. The ramp should be poured by the middle of June.

It will probably be the 4th of July before the paint dries on the railings, but rest assured that we will be open every day between now and then from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

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