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Vintage Tasting At Wet Whistle Wine Fest

August 18th, 2017 by Rayanne Racine


von Stiehl Offers Vintage Tasting on September 16

Tucked away in various places of our production and tasting room buildings are small lots of old vintages. There will be two to ten cases of our favorite varieties spread out and tucked under pallet racking that look out of place. Early September, the odd lots are gathered, we come to terms with how many bottles of each to sell, and we then come up with a Vintage Tasting List. This list is offered only once a year at the Wet Whistle Wine Fest.

Some of the wines offered at this event have a limited supply, so tears will be shed. Below is a sneak peek at a few of the wines featured at this year’s Vintage Tasting.

2015 Big Roast Red ~ This special bottling for our 2015 Meet the Makers Festival, now known as BrewVino Roast, is a blend of four different wines to create the perfect blend. A little spicy with a hint of oak, this blend creates the perfect wine for a barbecue. Only 16 bottles left!

2012 VS Barrel Select Cabernet ~ Every few years an outstanding vintage is allowed an extended time in oak. Three top-tier barrels from a lot of twelve were blended to create this one-time offering. This medium bodied, rich and elegant wine features fragrant aromas of black cherry, cassis and plum with flavors of currant and dark berries. It will only be available at special tastings, so this may be your only time to try it! 20 cases – New Release! 

2016 Apple Bounce ~ Intense aromas of fresh apple pie marry with smooth apple brandy overtones. It’s been aged in small American oak bourbon barrels for four months. 20.5% alcohol. Be careful! Unlimited ~ New Release!

We’d love for you to join us on September 16, from 12:30pm to 3:30pm in the bottling room of our production building at 104 Steele Street. You don’t have to attend the wine festival in order to take part in this tasting, but you are more than welcome to!

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