Winter in Door County

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Winter in Door County is idyllic. Think romantic weekends cuddling by the fire in a vacation cabin or B&B. Think families playing together in the great outdoors. Think of skiing and snowshoeing with a group of friends. Imagine yourself flying over the snow on a snowmobile, ice fishing on Green Bay, or quietly cantering through the forest on horseback. Yes, Door County is a wonderland in winter time.

If you are traveling to Door County some weekend soon, stop by our Algoma Wisconsin Winery on your way north. The perfect end to a day of winter recreation is to share a bottle of our Wisconsin Wine by the fire.

Sip on Doc Stiehl’s Cherry Bounce, a wonderful blend of cherry wine and cherry brandy – it will warm you from the inside out. Share a bottle of Meritage, a uniquely Wisconsin wine that is earthy and full. Serve the kids our Sparkling Grape Juice. The gift shop and tasting room at our Wisconsin winery is also a good place to find chocolate treats and Wisconsin cheeses to share on winter nights in Door County.

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