Save The Dates

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Though let’s be honest, if these events don’t happen, you probably won’t have anything else going on anyway. Can we please, please talk about a bright future? Let’s just start with the blanket statement “all events are subject to being sucked into the 2020 black hole never to be seen again”. Now with that out of the way, here is what we know right now.

March Chili Dog Dump & Ice Picking Competition: CANCELED

April Slurp & ( Jet) Ski Jamboree: CANCELED

Ahnapee Cider Relay: Postponed – this event keeps running into the future!

June BrewVino Roast
We are postponing the event until at least 2022. Jethro the Steer may have already lost what is most important to him, but nevertheless is thrilled with the cancelation. HOWEVER, the band will still play! Modern Day Drifters will be performing from 12:30 pm to 4 pm on June 12th.

Summer Cider Bar
This isn’t an event, but is worth mentioning. Our goal is to be open Fridays through Sundays from May 21 to September 26. Times may vary and the weather will be a factor. Cider, wine flights, and slushies may be available.

Summer Concerts
Fridays 2 to 5; July 2 to August 27
Saturdays 12:30 to 4; July 3 to September 11
Please check online for all of the details, then check again before coming. Our bands are booked, but you know.

August Futures Tasting
• Date To Be Announced
If you’re in the Family Plan, you’ll know before anyone else because family is first. If you canceled your membership and are reading this, you know what to do!

Wet Whistle Wine Fest
September 17 & 18 is an absolute solid maybe. If it happens, it’ll be on those two days, unless it is moved. Watch for our August newsletter for more… indecisiveness.
*Fictitious events are subject to change.*

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