The Good, The Bubbles, & The Cider


It’s Time to Appreciate the Little Things Again: The Good, The Bubbles, & The Cider


We are all aware that the last 12 months have been, for lack of better terms (but sparing of even other terms), a true doozy of a year. In moments of uncertainty, we have had to look to the future and take value in the things that make us happy. These moments of happiness don’t have to be huge displays of wealth or fancy trips. Sometimes, happiness is getting lost in a book, getting lost overlooking a scenic view, or even getting lost in a glass of wine (so remember to pack your floaties). Well, the future is calling! Spring is embracing change and the Summer to re-appreciate all the luxuries of happiness is just around the bend! So, what makes you happy? Here at Von Stiehl, we have added a new little tally mark to the list of various things that make us bubble up with joy. And we aren’t kidding about the bubbles! A new seasonal addition has joined our cider family, it’s our new Raspberry Rosé Cider! The translucent deep pink color of this refreshing beverage truly allows for you to view the world in rosé-colored glasses. The raspberry-flavored bubbles that dance within your glass soon break through the surface like a joyous jumping dolphin, leaving the feeling of small kisses being planted on your nose and cheeks as you dive in for another sip. Placing your ear close to the glass, you seem to be getting faint morse code messages. You can’t quite make out the entirety of the message, but you feel a warm calmness rush over you and you are pretty sure this sparkling treat in your hands just complimented you on your shoes. The rosé has great taste, literally. At that moment, you forgot about that big work project deadline and trying to remember if you accidentally left the oven on at home. (Okay, maybe try to remember harder about the oven.) You take one more sip of the Raspberry Rosé. Yes, another tally mark of happiness indeed. So if you are looking to add to your own list of life’s little luxuries, stop into the winery today and pick up your own growler of our Raspberry Rosé Cider.

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