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If you aren’t that interested in rubbing elbows with the general public at our tasting bar right now, we’re (figuratively) right there with you and support the decision that you have made. This is why we have set up our wine cellars and lounge for seated tastings. In general, we conduct these tastings for up to twelve people at a time in the quiet of our cellars or lounge. The air handler makes some noise, but that is beneficial right now. If you’d like a private tasting, just call us and let us know. We’d love to see you…from across the room. Seated tastings are $20 per person, and include six pre-selected wines that are primarily red selections. Again, if you’d like something special, just let us know on the phone. During the slow weekdays of winter and spring, we can make a lot of things work. These tasting areas are available every day from 11 to 4. What’s your speakeasy password? “I’m a Case Club Member” or “I’m a Family Plan Member”. Call us today at 920-487-5208 to schedule your seated tasting.







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