Ah, Wine and Chocolate

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Weather seems to be getting people down all over the country. Extreme heat on the east coast, dust storms in the southwest, cool temperatures and rain on the west coast,…. Summer expectations are being shattered in every region, day after day, week after week.

There is nothing we can do about the weather, of course. Our choices are to accept our fate or not, to bear heat and cold, rain and drought with grace, or with rage. We here at von Stiehl Wisconsin Winery encourage everyone to remember that weather isn’t everything in life. There is wine. There is chocolate.

We have some incredible pairings of wine and chocolate in our Algoma, Wisconsin, Winery Tasting Room these days. It was a tough job determining which wines worked best with which chocolates, but we struggled through. We invite you to sip our Wisconsin wine and bite into artisan chocolate; the experience will make your day brighter.

Kattywompus Konfections supplies us with amazing chocolates, such as dark chocolate bark studded with dried cherries and sprinkled with smoked sea salt, and white chocolate bark with macadamia nuts, mango, and coconut. Their combinations are rich and flavorful, and the chocolates positively melt on the tongue. When paired with a glass of our Cabernet Sauvignon or our Meritage, the chocolates take on a new dimension. Combinations can be positively heavenly.

Come see for yourself. Then throw a summer party featuring combinations of von Stiehl wine and Kattywompus chocolate. And smile.

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