Futures Tasting is STILL A GO!

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August 22, 2020 11 am – 3 pm $30 per person

What do you do with an event that is postponed? You have it in the Future! Ha Ha! We don’t know the for-sure future of Futures but we’re doing Future planning anyway.

If you can handle us laughing at our own bad jokes, then sign up for our Futures Wine Tasting on August 22. That’s right, next week. Don’t dilly dally, just call to sign up for a time slot. Like all of our tastings, the format of Futures has changed. You’ll be in a small group of 12-ish, and will move throughout our buildings to visit with each of our winemaking crew at his own tasting station: Chad, Dave, PJ, and Aric. To make their jokes even funnier, you will enjoy two unique wines at each station. The only place you won’t find them is the tasting room. This tour is especially for you!

Visit vonStiehl.com/events to purchase your tickets!

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