Moscato for von Stiehl is Orange


Orange Muscat Wine Bottle

Sometimes Moscato is orange, but most of the time it is not. For von Stiehl, it is Orange Muscat, but it doesn’t have any oranges, and it isn’t Moscato. Follow?

Orange Muscat is a grape that you’ve probably never tasted. It is one of over 200 varieties of the Muscat, or Moscato, grape family that is best known in Italy. Orange Muscat is part of the family, but isn’t a Moscato. This small part of the family was popular in France at one time, and is now grown in the Veneto region of Italy. Fortunately for us, Orange Muscat is also grown in small amounts in California and Washington. This white grape exhibits Moscato characteristics with, you guessed it, a strong orange nose. Just to be sure that we are all on the same page, we do not add oranges or orange juice to the wine. Oranges are for breakfast… and possibly mimosas, when mixed with Titletown Wine (Sparkling Muscat).

Our Orange Muscat is sourced from Mendocino grape farmers. Now Mendocino is to Napa what Algoma is to Door County. Great quality without the price. A beautiful adventure without the hubbub. Lake breezes without the aroma of exhaust. A slower pace without the long lines.

Made from grapes grown in this laid-back and relaxed region, Orange Muscat is smooth and settled. Clear like your mind when you’re sitting on a warm beach. Sweet like the gratification of a hard day’s work at closing time. Here’s the winemaker’s version:

‘This rare and delicate Orange Muscat grape evokes aromas of peach, apricot, and orange blossoms. The flavors of tangelo and honey meld to produce a perfect accompaniment to cheesecake or peach cobbler á la mode. Residual Sugar 3.0% by weight.’

Just as White Zinfandel was the go-to semi-sweet and easy-to-drink wine of the 80s, wine drinkers are enjoying those virtues in Moscato today. While a limited amount was offered last year in a 500ml bottle, our Orange Muscat  has grown up in quantity and is now wearing a full-size 750ml glass casing. Enjoy it for $14.99.

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2 responses to “Moscato for von Stiehl is Orange”

  1. Kathy Leedle says:

    Your Orange Muscat sounds like a wine I’d like to try. Moscato wines are some of my favorites! Is it available outside of your winery? I live in Jefferson, WI and it’s hard for me to come to the winery whenever I’d like to.

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Jefferson- so you are half-way between two of our favorite cities- Madison and Milwaukee.
    We do offer our Orange Muscat to our distributors, but sometimes stores won’t stock new wines until they are requested. Please ask for it at your favorite store. It always carries more weight when a customer requests a wine versus a winery requesting a shelf placement. You’re not too far from Calico Cottage in Watertown. They are a big promoter of Wisconsin wines. I’d be surprised if Bob and Edna said no to carrying it for you.

    Otherwise, you can always order it online.
    We should have enough to get us through summer, so when time permits please come visit!

    Thanks for the comment! Brad

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