Pick up a Bottle Before it Fades Away!

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Being located close to the Lake Michigan shoreline, the fog rolls in and out without any notice. This natural phenomenon fills our grounds with a beautiful smokey haze. Imagine sitting on our terrace during a random spurt of fog and feeling like you have been transported to another dimension while relaxing next to our brick building. Just like in the movies.
When the smokey fog rolls in from Lake Michigan, it makes us think of our Lakeshore Fumé, a semi-dry “smokey” white wine. We call it a “smokey” white wine for two reasons. One, Fumé means “smoke” in French and two, when sipping a chilled glass of Lakeshore Fumé you will get a hint of toast from the new oak barrels that a portion of the wine is aged in. You will also enjoy hints of pear and tropical fruits. We suggest pairing Lakeshore Fumé with poached salmon or seared scallops with curried peas.
Just like the fog, Lakeshore Fumé will soon be leaving the von Stiehl collection. That’s right, we have a limited supply of Lakeshore Fumé left and once it’s gone, it’s gone. We are making room because winemakers have been hard at work creating other new wines to add to the von Stiehl profile.
Stop in and stock up on Lakeshore Fumé before it fades away. We still have curbside pick up available, plus we can ship wine to your door.

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