The 2020 Maybes

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The non-profit group that holds the reins on the Wet Whistle Wine Fest put a pause on 2020. It was for good reason; we’re not stuffing 2,000 people into a park this year even if they want to be there. We hear rumors that many will still be coming to Algoma on September 18-20 for Wet Whistle ‘observed’. It seems like we should at least throw a band onstage at the winery and open our cider bar for summer’s last hurrah. We’re just so wishy-washy about it all. As of the date of writing this, newsletter articles about events have already been deleted. You’ll never know about the Cider 5K or September Wine Walk Fireman’s Fundraiser. Perhaps you won’t participate in the first Pinot Polar Plunge this winter. You’ll likely hear music at the winery on September 19. You may not. We’ll be sure to post something somewhere about it when we decide.

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