Predicting the Future Just Got Tastier!


There are a few important questions that we are asked in our lifetime..“Are you going to go to college?  Will you marry me?”  And perhaps the question that takes the most amount of careful consideration…. “What would be your superpower?” It may seem silly, but everyone has at least been asked this question once in their life.  So what’s your answer? Invisibility? Super Strength? Spaghetti Fingers?

How about the ability to predict the future?

 “I sense… much Pinot Grigio coming your way.. And be cautious of the Mourvèdre that will unexpectedly enter your life; for you won’t know how to pronounce it..”

Oh, you thought I meant the ability to predict the actual future? Sorry, I should have been more specific.  Predicting future wines just seems to have an extra ‘superhuman’ quality to it.  I mean, imagine all the lives that would be saved:

“Derek, you will be offered a bottle of Susan’s Crimson Royale. When that moment arrives, you must resist the temptation and drink the Oktoberfest that your wife has already poured and has waiting for you at home..”

There you have it! A marriage saved!

Speaking of predicting future wines, I’m receiving another premonition..

“Von Stiehl lovers, the August 19th Futures Event will feature a new wine that has never before been featured.. I foresee a 2022 Tequila Barrel-Aged Sauvignon Blanc, a dry white wine lover’s dream.. However, spots are limited, so you must call in or go online to purchase your $35 ticket to ensure your reservation.. Each session will be held every half hour from 10AM to 3 PM..” 

Ahe, another good deed done! The future never tasted so smooth!

Purchase your tickets today by visiting our event calendar.

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