Preserving Our World 

Ensuring the future of the next wine-loving generation 

We employ many “green” practices here at von Stiehl Winery including nitrogen and ozone generators. Our nitrogen generator was purchased in 2011 and has given us the ability to generate nitrogen that is 99.99% pure, which is utilized in the bottling process to prevent oxidation from happening. By producing the nitrogen onsite, we are reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating the travel expense and carbon impact of heavy steel cylinders to and from suppliers. 

Numerous chemicals can be used in the sanitization process in food production plants, like wineries. One way to avoid using those chemicals is to use our ozone generator. Ozone is infused into water and then sprayed onto any non-porous surface. The ozone will attack and destroy the cell wall of bacteria, immediately eliminating it. To sanitize the entire winery, our ozone is released in a gas form into the air of the production facility at night. 

When enjoying a bottle of von Stiehl wine, have you ever noticed that our corks aren’t made out of real wood? We have stopped using corks from cork bark and have fully switched to Nomacorc corks, a carbon-neutral wine closure. Nomacorc corks are made from renewable plant-based polymers, including sugar cane, and have a #4 recycle code so they are 100% recyclable after they are used. 

Other green practices that you will find around von Stiehl are our electric forklifts instead of propane and a heat reclaiming system in the production room so we end up using less Natural Gas to heat our facility.