Halloween Label Design Contest


Who said Halloween and coloring are just for kids? Definitely not us! 

Can you color inside the lines? Better yet, can you color and think outside of them? … 🧐 Then let’s put these skills to the test!

Von Stiehl is conducting its first-ever Halloween-themed design contest. So, turn up the surge of creative electricity in those Frankenstein neck bolts and extend those witchy fingers to pen and paper. 


Oh, and did we forget to mention?… The winner of our contest will have their design be the inspiration for a limited 2024 Halloween-themed wine release. Sounds too good to be true? Well, no need to pinch yourself, you are not entering the Twilight Zone. However, just as with any great Halloween film, there are a few rules to follow: 

Don’t cross the streams.

Don’t let a virgin light the candle.

Don’t seek help from a guy whose name doubles as a bug and a beverage.

Don’t buy murderous vegetation from a little shop.


But most importantly… 


NO BLOOD OR GORE. (The only spilled shade of Crimson we approve of is our own.)


Please deliver your designs via email to vonstiehl@vonstiehl.com, drop off in person, or mail your designs to von Stiehl Winery, 115 Navarino St., Algoma, WI 54201.

Please have your design submitted by November 2nd. 

The winning design will be announced November 30, 2023.

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