Put A Little Sparkle In Your Eye & Your Glass!


There is something to be said about how a little sparkle can add a big difference as to how we enjoy and view the world around us.  The night sky may seem like just a vast open space of darkness if not for the lighting sparkle that every star radiates.  A diamond ring would also simply go by the wayside if not for that iconic pop of sparkle as it glistens on the hand of a newlywed.  And in case you were wondering, yes, “He went to Jared.”  But sparkle is not limited to celestial bodies and blushing brides.

The winery has added its own sparkle into its everyday function with our sparkling wine selections!

If you love our still version of Crimson Royale, snack down a few Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with our Sparkling Crimson Royale! This intensely flavored Concord grape wine exhibits the perfect balance of bubbles and sweetness! Pair a glass of this wine with your weekly summer barbeque or smoked ribs! You will not be disappointed!

Our sparkling esprit line has also added an extra “va-va-voom” to our original Cranberry and Sweet Cherry wines! Our Cranberry Esprit & Cherry Esprit loyally reflect the refreshing fruit flavor of each wine while the bubbles tame the sweet nature that you would experience in each of the still versions of our Cranberry and Sweet Cherry wines.  Add a bottle of our Stony Creek Esprit, handpicked from our own Stony Creek Vineyard, to complete the Esprit trifecta! Each of these sparkling wines make for the perfect “mimosa in a bottle” for those delightful Sunday brunches.  Just add your choice of orange or pineapple juice and enjoy!

Speaking of mimosas, have you ever found that the full bubbles of champagne cause more bloating than your Sunday Best attire can accommodate? Replace that bottle of generic champagne with a bottle of our Sparkling Viognier & Chenin Blanc!  This wine displays aromas of apricot and honeysuckle with rich flavors of white peach, ripe pear, and mineral to make it a perfect versatile base for any mimosa concoction.  If you are looking for a “Double Trouble” attempt at brunch, add a few splashes of our ripe Blueberry or Framboise wine into our Sparkling Viognier & Chenin Blanc and taste what a little extra sparkle in your day can do!

So if looking up at the night sky tends to strain your neck and Diamonds can take second fiddle compared to the beauty of the Opal and Turquoise stones each of your fingers showcase, find that sparkle by visiting the winery and purchasing one of our many sparkling wine options!  These wonderful selections will be sure to leave a sparkle in your eye and in your glass!

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