Sparkling Wine Line


Who’s in the mood to celebrate right now? Alright, well, then let’s plan to celebrate at some point in the coming year via sparkling wines. You might think that all of the tiny bubbles in these wines are made up of carbon dioxide. No! They’re little magic minions. Why? They are little hard working vessels of aroma. They encapsulate the wine’s aroma and bouquet and deliver that magic through the front door to your olfactory senses. Yes, your nose. These overachievers also clean oils and fats from your tongue, spit polishing your taste buds and helping them to become more sensitive to your next bite. Can you tell that this wasn’t written by a winemaker? Fortunately, a team of winemakers did create and produce these wines. Introducing, and reintroducing, our new line of sparkling labels. Three cheers to anyone that remembers the Cranberry or Cherry Esprit from the 1990s!

Crimson Royale – Intensely flavored Concord wine enhanced by the perfect balance of bubbles and sweetness. This wine sparkles when paired with pork, from chops to salami. Try with prosciutto,
mortadella, or porchetta. Even better, pair with saucy lasagna, or save for pizza night!

Cherry Esprit – A full and intense cherry flavor derived from the Door County Montmorency Cherry. This exuberant bubbly sipper is delicious as an aperitif spritzer or can be enjoyed after dinner.

Cranberry Esprit – With an intense red color to match the full cranberry flavor, this bubbly, crisp, refreshing, tart and tasty wine can complement those special holiday meals of turkey or ham, or try as a palate cleanser.

Stony Creek Esprit – A light bodied and floral effervescent rosé produced from our very own Door
County Vineyard using Marechal Foch and Marquette grapes. This ruby hued expression has aromas of cherry, blackberry and cracked black pepper that give way to bright flavors of cherry, lingonberry, and citrus.

Viognier & Chenin Blanc – This textured and aromatic wine done in a Brut style offers sumptuous aromas of apricot and honeysuckle with rich flavors of white peach, ripe pear, and mineral. Pairs well with sushi, shellfish dishes, Thai, or softer cheeses such as chèvre and brie.

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