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Crimson Royale Celebrates 30 years with a ‘Pop’

April 18, 2018 by Brad Schmiling

Sparkling Crimson RoyaleWhen did you have your first sip of the juicy, sweet red wine known as Crimson Royale? Maybe it was back in the summer of ’88 at a party, or around a camp fire. Perhaps it was during your first Wet Whistle Wine Festival in ’02, or did you try it in our tasting room during your trip last fall to Door County to see the fall colors? Maybe it wasn’t that memorable. What is important though is this announcement of…

Sparkling Crimson Royale!

We’re so excited that we can hardly keep it all bottled up! Though that’s just what we had to do, but with bubbles.

A fruit-forward French-hybrid blend with an effervescence that will invigorate moderately
intense earthy foods. Pair with roasted steer, wild game, savory tomato based dishes, and
heavy, rich foods. A great accompaniment to an Asian feast; pair with Peking or Chinese roast
duck. The slightly sweet balance of low acid and light tannins serves as a great palate
cleanser between bites.

Why release a new version of Crimson Royale on the thirty-year anniversary of the original? No reason. It just worked out that way. But why not mention it… everyone’s 30th birthday should be a blast. Back in ’88, Bill Schmiling, the then owner, winemaker, business manager, etc. of von Stiehl Winery (aka. Dad), didn’t like the idea of his wife Sandy (aka. Mom), drinking Mogan David. Knowing he could do better with the concord grape, Crimson Royale was born.

Mark your calendars! Due to the large following of this new wine, we decided to have a whole weekend dedicated to releasing it. April 27-29th will be our official Sparkling Crimson Royale Wine Release Weekend. Come and visit us anytime* during the weekend to enjoy a sample of it! Starting April 27th, the Sparkling Crimson Royale will be available on the tasting guide, for sale by the glass, and of course, available by the bottle for you to take home and enjoy. Get all the event details here.

To buy our Sparkling Crimson Royale using our online wine store click here!


New Sparkling Wine – a Viognier & Chenin Blanc Blend

May 19, 2017 by Brad Schmiling

Sparkling Wine Produced In-House

Welcome to the first page in the new chapter of von Stiehl Winery – in a 50 year old book that we’re still writing!

What makes the Sparkling Viognier & Chenin Blanc blend different from our past pressurized wines? The bubbles are added right here in Algoma. Before our 2016 bottling line, wineries of Wisconsin would ship their wines to a winery in Michigan to be sparkled. We like our neighbors to the east, but those shipping charges add up. In a way, our bubbles are green!

Sparkling Wine - Viognier & Chenin BlancWhat does this new wine taste like? It’s a little on the dry side, so all you Brut drinkers out there can let out a little cheer, unless you’re reading this at home, then you can cheer loudly. Cue the winemaker’s description:

2016 Columbia Valley Viognier & Chenin Blanc

This textured and aromatic wine done in a Brut style offers sumptuous aromas of apricot and honeysuckle with rich flavors of white peach, ripe pear, and mineral. Pairs well with sushi, shellfish dishes, Thai, or softer cheeses such as Chevre’ and Brie.

This test batch was produced in a 160 case lot and will be available on our tasting menu this June, for $17.99/bottle.

You may only slightly recognize the label. We started with the base von Stiehl white label concept, and then reversed it to appear mainly black. The foil label is matched by a matte black foil capsule. Underneath is a new type of closure, developed to look like a champagne cork, but unscrew. This allows it to be easily re-closed should the rare occurrence happen that you don’t finish the bottle with friends.

The first sparkling wine of von Stiehl came in the mid ’90s in a white painted Holiday Wine bottle. You few historians might also remember the same wine under the Cherry Sparkle label for the summer time season.

Next came Sparkling Muscat. The Muscat Canelli grape makes for a fantastic sparkling semi-sweet wine. The branding eventually changed to Captain’s Walk Titletown Wine, and is a favorite of Green Bay and the peninsula.

If you’re still reading this, then here’s an extra nugget. Not only did we offer a Sparkling Holiday and Sparkling Cherry wine, but for a short period of time in the early 90s there was a Cranberry Esprit. That probably won’t come back, but who knows? Maybe a version will resurface as Hard Cranberry Cider!

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