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Cheesy Saturdays March 2019

January 22, 2019 by Rayanne Racine

Cheesy Saturdays are back!When should you go on a cheese diet? … When you need to cheddar a few pounds!

Our Cheesy Saturdays won’t be quite as cheesy as that joke, but it will include enjoying delectable complimentary samples! Visit us any Saturday in March and enjoy complimentary samples of various cheese products.

The cheeses we are featuring are near and dear to us because they are made by local cheese producers. We all know Wisconsin does cheese best! Since we are a winery, we will even let you in on a secret as to which wine pairs well with each cheese.

Vendors present are shown below.

  • March 2nd – Renard’s Cheese
  • March 9th – Kraemer Cheese
  • March 23rd – There will not be a vendor March 23rd due to our Club Members Wine Pick Up.
  • March 30th – Renard’s Cheese


Cheese samples will be onsite from Noon – 3 pm each Saturday in March.*

Anything sampled will be available for purchase, in case the sample kept you craving for more!

Cheesy Saturday Photo

Looking for a place to stay? We recommend staying at Hotel Stebbins if you want to be within walking distance. Otherwise, view all of Algoma’s Lodging here.

For more information check our events calendar and check our Facebook page for any updates.

*There will not be a vendor March 23rd due to our Club Members Wine Pick Up.

Member Exclusive 2014 Alexander Valley Merlot Launch & Pick Up Party

January 19, 2019 by Rayanne Racine


Please RSVP using the RSVP box located at the bottom of this page.


Family Plan wine club members, join us during our January Club Pick Up Party – Winter Open House on Saturday, January 19th, for carefully selected wine pairings and the launch of our 2014 Alexander Valley Merlot! Relax and mingle, while enjoying delicious wine and food pairings, featuring wines not included in your wine selection.

For the launch of our 2014 Alexander Valley Merlot, enjoy a sample provided by our wine making team in our 150 year old wine aging tunnels. This wine will only be available the day of the party!

If you are unable to attend, please plan to pick up your selection within 30 days. If you have not picked up by February 18th, we will charge your card on file and ship it to your door. Your January wine club will be available, at the earliest, January 15th.


About the Pick Up Parties

We pick our best wine and find various treats, cheeses and munchies from around Wisconsin to pair with our wines. To celebrate each selection, we host a series of parties for our Family Plan wine club members to taste the pairings and wines. This time also provides the perfect time for members to pick up their wine club selections. The party is an open-house style event, so come and go as you please on January 19th.


Invitations / RSVP

Invitations are sent via email prior to each party to all Family Plan wine club members. We require the courtesy of a reply, so please RSVP below. Guests and non-club members will be required to pay a $10 admission if they would like to participate in the pairings.


Who Can Attend The Parties?

All Family Plan wine club members are welcome to attend the party! We typically ship your wine? Visiting from out of the area? No problem – as long as you are a wine club member in good standing, you are welcome to attend – RSVP to let us know you will join us.

For those who typically ship, please let us know if you would like to pick up your wine.



Each Family Plan wine club member that RSVPs may:

  • Attend with one (1) partner with our compliments.
  • Bring up to two (2) guests at $10 each paid upon arrival.

To avoid confusion, Case Club members are different than Family Plan wine club members. Case Club members will have to pay to attend this event.


Still have questions?

If you have a specific question not covered above, please feel free to contact our Tasting Room Manager, Patti, at patti@vonstiehl.com.

Sparkling Crimson Royale Wine Release Weekend

April 27, 2018 by Rayanne Racine

Sparkling Crimson Royale

It’s time for us to release the wine you’ve all been waiting for, our Sparkling Crimson Royale! We’ve teased you with photo after photo, post after post, and I’m sure you’ve had enough! It’s finally time for you to come and enjoy a tasting of our newest wine.

Mark your calendars! Due to the large following of this new wine, we decided to have a whole weekend dedicated to releasing it. April 27-29th will be our official Sparkling Crimson Royale Wine Release Weekend. Come and visit us anytime* during the weekend to enjoy a sample of it!

Starting April 27th, the Sparkling Crimson Royale will be available on the tasting guide, for sale by the glass, and of course, available by the bottle for you to take home and enjoy.

Wine Maker’s Notes: Our Sparkling Crimson Royale is an intensely flavored Concord wine enhanced by the perfect balance of bubbles and sweetness.

Not only is this wine perfect for enjoying while at home after a long day, but it’s also very food friendly! This wine sparkles when paired with pork, from chops to salami. Even better, pair the Sparkling Crimson Royale with saucy lasagna, or save for pizza night!

If you love Crimson Royale, you’ll have to give this a try!

Whether you are coming for a day trip or the weekend, Algoma has many unique offerings! From fresh cheese curds at Renard’s Cheese to craft beers at Ahnapee Brewery. For a complete list of things to do, visit our Chamber’s website.

Staying for the weekend? We recommend staying at Hotel Stebbins, it’s just a short block away from the winery. For a complete list of lodging options, click here.

It’s not yet available online**, but check out our other great wines by clicking here!

*Our hours are 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

**We will update the posting to include the link to the Sparkling Crimson Royale in our web store as it becomes available.

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