Take Some Time to Un-Wine-d Today!

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May 1st, National Scrapbooking Day; Hmm, that’s nice. 

May 3rd, National Paranormal Day; Nope, hard pass! 

May 11th, National Eat What You Want Day; Okay, I’m listening. 

May 25th, National Wine Day! Yes!

Finally, a national “holiday” that I can get behind!  The only trouble is having to decide what wine or wines to consume!  Because, let’s face it, on National Wine Day, a one glass celebratory wine night may soon turn into a three glass, spontaneous bathroom karaoke kind of wine night.  Either way, the question still stands, “What wine do I want?”  Your hand cups your chin and your left eyebrow gives a slight rise as you ponder your options.  You find yourself in a pose that mimics both a Sherlock Holmes novel cover and an old wrestling candid of ‘The Rock’ attempting to “smell what he’s been cooking”. The question shouldn’t be taken lightly given the wide array of wine varieties.  You seek inspiration by analyzing your mood.  You just got home from a long day of work and have been looking forward to this glass of wine ever since your coworker, Sheryl so cheerfully informed you that it was National Wine Day.  Perhaps some dry, red wines, like a Pinot Noir or Union to ease into the night.  You remember you are also on dinner duty tonight so you pull yourself off the couch and begin loudly sorting through the unorganized pile of pots and pans; still mulling over the bottles of wine that are spilling through your mind.  Some Cabernet Sauvignon or Old Vine Merlot would pair splendidly with the grilled steak and sauteed mushrooms that are on the menu for tonight, plus a few sips of Chardonnay while cooking the meal wouldn’t hurt anything either.  You perk up as your other half walks through the door with a New York Style Cheesecake and a bottle of Blueberry Wine and Framboise.  They clearly must have heard about National Wine Day as well.  What can you say, great minds think alike! You both exchange a smile and a nod; an understanding that the two dinner and dessert pairings will all be put to good use tonight.  After enjoying each pairing with dinner and dessert, you both agree that it’s important to celebrate the little things in life; like arriving home to a surprise date night on a random Tuesday because a coworker stated that it was some sort of national holiday.  You decide that a glass of Titletown Moscato will do the trick.  So, here is to great wine, to unplanned date nights, and to the invention of odd national holidays that allow us to bask in both.  Cheers!

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