von Stiehl Vacation Rental

In 2011, we purchased the house (duplex) to the east of the winery. This very uninteresting place has been home to two tenants since. They lost their garage in 2013, when we converted it into the Ahnapee Brewery Tap Room. The lower renter moved out, leaving us with a very uninteresting apartment to turn into a vacation rental. If you are interested in staying in this uninteresting place, here are some particulars… 

P.S. You won’t even notice the blah interior because you’ll be on the deck enjoying this view.

The parts that are meh:

  • All wood paneling 
  • 1 1/2 bedrooms
  • Bathroom the size of a pallet of wine

The parts that make this ideal:

  • Situated between the winery and the brewery
  • Front port with walk-around to a double-decker deck with an overview of the river and harbor
  • Amazing sunrises if you get up that early… or are still up
  • Reasonable pricing
  • You staying in it
Enjoy two complimentary tastings when you book your stay using the words “Groovy Wine.” 

If you have any questions please contact Simple Life Hospitality at contactus@thesimplelifehospitality.com