Retirement Is Simply A Large Glass Of Old Vine Zinfandel


Submitted By: Lynne Finndell; Baileys Harbor, WI; Family Plan Member Since 2018


There are many moments in life that are cause for celebration. These events may go down the line from engagements, marriages, 21st birthdays, pregnancies, and even ‘Sweet 16’s’. But, what about retirements? Have we all been missing the planning and attending of retirement parties? Speaking from experience, I have yet to attend a single retirement party. You may think that this fact is due to my baby-faced age of 29, but I don’t see how the two are related… Regardless, retirement is yet another monumental achievement.

Take, for example, our Old Vine Zinfandel. “old vine” zinfandels are not necessarily very common. As the vines age, they essentially meet their retirement as well. However, this aspect only makes the wines they produce more defined. Despite not producing as strong of a grape yield, the small number of grapes that are gathered have a high range of complex flavors. For those who may not be familiar with the average grapevine age that produces some of the best wines across the world, grapevines are normally grown, pulled, and regrown every 30 years. So, what defines “old vine”? Well, in the grapevine world, grapevines generally tend to stop bearing grapes altogether between 60 and 90 years old (depending on location and weather). Therefore, the unofficial “old vine” age amongst winemakers is any vine that exceeds 50 years.

These facts are what make our Old Vine Zinfandel one of the smoothest and easy drinking dry red wines that we have at the winery. This ruby-red beauty has intense dark berry and stone fruit notes, combined with light hints of cinnamon and clove. The grapes from these 71-year-old vines were fermented slightly cooler to retain fruitiness and to enhance the spicy notes of clove and cinnamon. The subtle earthy notes from the vine’s 71 years of maturity lead this wine to pair best with various meals of venison, lamb or grilled steak.

As you can see, this wine is still living out its best days to come. You can find this wine present at fancy galas, family reunions, and yes, even at those heartfelt and gratifying retirement parties. So don’t arrive empty-handed! Bring a bottle that exhibits the same amount of acquired wisdom, complex skills, and works just as hard as the individual you are honoring. Here’s to 50 and older! Cheers!


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