The Wine Aging Process… And I Don’t Mean the Wine


Is dry, red wine just not your thing? If you are like some sweet wine lovers, you may secretly find yourself comparing the feeling of dry, red wine on your tongue to that scene in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade. Yeah, you know the one I’m talking about. The film wants you to think it’s just a cursed chalice, but you know that the bad guy probably snuck in an open bottle of red zinfandel before entirely drying up into a crisp. At least that’s your theory, anyway.

Or do you love the dry red selections? In fact, the drier the better! How else are you supposed to enjoy your steak? In your mind, all that sugar is what your pairing of three candy bars is for. Sure, maybe three bars of chocolate sound a little excessive, but hey, you’re only human! Regardless, you get the point.

Sweet vs Dry. Packers vs Bears. Noodles In Chili vs No Noodles In Chili. We’ve seen it a thousand times! So, is there an answer to this age-old question of indifference? Actually, age has quite a bit to do with it. Many studies have shown that with age and more wine experience, wine preferences tend to lean more toward dry reds. Whereas, with younger individuals with a lack of wine tasting experience, the preference for sweet wines tends to be more prominent. If you were to think about your stance on leafy greens or sushi as a child vs how you feel about these items now, this aspect of changing taste preferences with age and experience starts to make a lot of sense.

But before you start to justify your “wine experience” by insisting on sharing an entire bottle of dry, red wine, or deny being any age over thirty-two just because you reached for a bottle of the sweetest wine you could find, it’s important to note that all wine preferences are still personal and unique. Our taste buds like what they like, and having others around us who have different preferences keeps us constantly learning and experiencing new wines. – Because, who hates the idea of friends offering free wine? Amiright?

So, if you are the sweet wine lover who stops into the winery to purchase an entire case of Crimson Royale or Late Harvest Riesling, there is no high-nosed snobbery to be had! Our only comment may be that you also stop at the bakery downtown or make an emergency chocolate pickup at the local grocery store to complete the pairing. For the dry, red wine drinkers, our doors are also always open! Stop in and buy a bottle (or five) of our Barbera or Alicante Bouchet! There are even great local diners that would love to present a hearty meal to accommodate your full case of Sierra Foothills Cabernet Sauvignon. What we are really trying to say is that no matter where you are in your wine journey, enjoy the process, and always feel free to stop into the winery to ask questions and create new experiences, whether new or old.

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