There Is Always A Reason To Drink Pinot Noir, What’s Yours?


Pinot Noir wines are among the most popular wines in the world.  You may find yourself browsing the wine aisles at your local grocery store and observe an entire section dedicated to this specific red wine varietal.  But what is Pinot Noir, exactly?  On the personal and easy side of that definition, it’s one of the few wines I can actually pronounce, so Pinot Noir already has a gold star in my book.  However, Pinot Noir can be admired for so much more than just my lack of phonetic headache.  Originating from Burgundy, France, the Pinot Noir grape has a reputation of being one of the most difficult grape varietals to grow. Pinot Noir is the wild, unbroken Mustang of the grape world; fickle and ever demanding, this grape prefers cool, coastal climates with rich limestone soils to thrive.  These optimum conditions make the success of a Pinot Noir harvest and wine all the more gratifying.

Curious as to what a Pinot Noir wine tastes like? Purchase a bottle of our Central Coast Pinot Noir and let your taste buds do some research.  Our light-bodied Pinot Noir has notes of strawberry, black cherry and spice in the bouquet, with rich, earthy hints of sassafras root and additional fruit flavors that end in a supple tannin finish.  The light-bodied, fruit nature of this wine makes Pinot Noir a delight for seasoned red wine drinkers, as well as a friendly welcome for white and sweet wine drinkers.  The wine’s subtle tannins also highlight the wine’s appeal and allow for a variety of food pairings, such as grilled pork or salmon, robust cheeses, or even Italian red sauces.

Believe it or not, our Pinot Noir was also the first dry, red wine release made by the winery in 1999, from a 1998 vintage Oregon Pinot Noir varietal.  However, given the popular fruit wine craze that brought crowds of customers to von Stiehl to purchase Sweet Cherry, Dry Cherry, Kirsche, Cranberry and Framboise wines, a dry, red, Pinot Noir seemed to be too much of a foreign idea for the loyal von Stiehl clientele, and the Pinot Noir release was gone as soon as it came.  Thankfully, due to the help of Pinot Noir in popular culture, such as in the 2004 American Dram-edy Sideways, and Netflix’s 2015 comedy series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt featuring Tituss Burgess, Pinot Noir grew in favor and demand! Soon the winery was being pelted with questions regarding when Pinot Noir would resume its spot within the von Stiehl wine family, and Pinot Noir was soon welcomed back with open arms!

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should jump in the car, drive to von Stiehl and purchase a well-needed bottle of Pinot Noir.   Buy two bottles because you love dry, red wine and Pinot Noir is always a worthy purchase, or buy a bottle because you are normally a white/ sweet wine drinker and are looking to broaden your horizons.  You can even buy a case because you appreciate the historic, leading path that Pinot Noir has set for all the dry, red wines that have come after.  Or, buy some Pinot Noir simply because Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a hilarious show and thinking back on the movie Sideways is bringing back some nostalgic moments for you.  No matter the reason, all are acceptable and require a generous pour of Pinot Noir.  Cheers!

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