von Cider Bar Still Open


Those of us who are planners, who are always living in the future, have gone a special kind of 2020 crazy. Every single plan is a maybe, and we no longer have to give solid answers to anything. Something happening tomorrow? It’s too soon to tell. Maybe; we’ll see. C’est la vie and ¡quién sabe!

As long as the cider bar doesn’t shut down, it’s open. We’ve had a great outdoor summer so far. Live music is a big deal again, cider can be made to taste like beer, and wine is still in style.

Come visit the bar Fridays and Saturdays until it isn’t open. Order your case of wine to go and we’ll put it into your car when you’re ready to hit the road. Stock up the cellar; winter may be coming… or not… it’s too soon to tell!

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