Wisconsin Wine – the Perfect Gift

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Writer and humorist Oren Arnold once said that the best gift for one’s enemy is forgiveness, the best gift to a friend is your heart, and the best gift to yourself is respect. Wise words indeed, and while we don’t dispute them, we do have a few other ideas.

How about giving the gift of Wisconsin Wine?

Give Napa Valley Mulling Spices along with a bottle of Cranberry Wine, Sweet Cherry Wine, or Dry Apple Wrap; it’s something not everyone thinks to purchase themselves and most people enjoy. Plus it’s festive. Or offer bottles of Christmas Blush and Christmas Wine – it’s the perfect time of year for these, after all. If you love to give wine with fun labels, leave a bottle of Knockin’ Heads Red under the tree. Bring a bottle of Dry Riesling to hosts of a gathering, and put a bow on a bottle of Naughty Girl Wisconsin Wine for the lady who is too naughty to receive a gift from Santa!

For stocking stuffers, try an assortment of bottle stoppers, bottle decorations, and wine glass trinkets (never confuse your glass with another again). For under the tree, how about a lovely wine rack?

The best thing about the gift of wine is that there is never a bad moment to offer it. It’s appropriate any time of year, before and after Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s. Stop by our Wisconsin Winery in Algoma when you’re on your way to Door County. Taste our wines and pick up a few bottles of the ones you like most, and keep them on hand to offer friends and families on any occasion.

Merry Christmas.

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