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Vintage Tasting

September 16, 2017 by

Von Stiehl Offers Vintage Tasting on September 16


We’d love for you to join us on September 16, from 12:30 to 3:30 pm in the bottling room of our production building at 104 Steele Street. You need not attend the wine festival in order to take part in this tasting, but as they say, “When in Rome…”


This list is offered once a year at the Wet Whistle Wine Fest in September. These wines are near and dear to us, so just our family pulls corks and pours them for guests. We love to see the reactions on tasters’ faces as they first try our 2012 Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a bit of an abnormal tasting, set up on planks and barrels in our bottling room. Just the wine is fancy – the rest of it comes down to simple enjoyment of vintages that have enjoyed extra time relaxing within the winery walls.


We ask that you buy a Riedel stemless wine glass for $10. After that, we’ll pour five samples from the special vintage tasting list. No reservations are needed, but keep in mind that we will run out of certain offerings as the day goes on. It’s both a sad, and a happy time!


This year bottles are numbered so you’ll know if someone steals yours!

Vintage Tasting At Wet Whistle Wine Fest

August 18, 2017 by Rayanne Racine


von Stiehl Offers Vintage Tasting on September 16

Tucked away in various places of our production and tasting room buildings are small lots of old vintages. There will be two to ten cases of our favorite varieties spread out and tucked under pallet racking that look out of place. Early September, the odd lots are gathered, we come to terms with how many bottles of each to sell, and we then come up with a Vintage Tasting List. This list is offered only once a year at the Wet Whistle Wine Fest.

Some of the wines offered at this event have a limited supply, so tears will be shed. Below is a sneak peek at a few of the wines featured at this year’s Vintage Tasting.

2015 Big Roast Red ~ This special bottling for our 2015 Meet the Makers Festival, now known as BrewVino Roast, is a blend of four different wines to create the perfect blend. A little spicy with a hint of oak, this blend creates the perfect wine for a barbecue. Only 16 bottles left!

2012 VS Barrel Select Cabernet ~ Every few years an outstanding vintage is allowed an extended time in oak. Three top-tier barrels from a lot of twelve were blended to create this one-time offering. This medium bodied, rich and elegant wine features fragrant aromas of black cherry, cassis and plum with flavors of currant and dark berries. It will only be available at special tastings, so this may be your only time to try it! 20 cases – New Release! 

2016 Apple Bounce ~ Intense aromas of fresh apple pie marry with smooth apple brandy overtones. It’s been aged in small American oak bourbon barrels for four months. 20.5% alcohol. Be careful! Unlimited ~ New Release!

We’d love for you to join us on September 16, from 12:30pm to 3:30pm in the bottling room of our production building at 104 Steele Street. You don’t have to attend the wine festival in order to take part in this tasting, but you are more than welcome to!

For more information click here.

Pinot Noir Returns

September 19, 2016 by Brad Schmiling

Pinot Noir is back in stock!

Pinot Noir Label

Our timing can be impeccably poor, and we like it that way. In 1967, Doc Stiehl was ahead of his time with screw caps. The closure let in less oxygen, and was less prone to the natural bacteria that is commonly found in natural corks. Af­ter decades of hearing ’why don’t you use corks?’ we invested in a mono-block filler and converted entirely to corks. Guess what happened next? Screw-caps became the new thing! We’re not going back after putting in our 25 years of screw-caps. It’s the principle of the matter.

The same thing is happening with Pinot Noir. This lovely wine was our first dry red release. A 1998 vintage Oregon-sourced Pinot Noir was von Stiehl’s first foray into the dry red market. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot quickly fol­lowed. Many of our reds did (and still do) well, but Pinot flopped. It was an odd grape that garnered no interest so we discontinued it. Then Sideways premiered. You know, the 2004 movie that put Pinot Noir on the map. For a decade to follow everyone asked, “Do you have a Pinot Noir?” No, and now we’re not going to just because. Blame it on our German stubbornness. It’s the principle of the matter.

The buzz has worn down, and we are offering Pinot Noir another shot at standing on its own. We fermented eight barrels of 2015 Columbia Gorge Pinot Noir, and aged it eight months in medium toast French hybrid Oak. If you are one of the few die-hard customers that remembers the last Pinot Noir, we applaud your patience! We hope that it was worth the wait. It is available in our tasting room now for you to sample, or get it online. Just don’t ask us to bring back Robust Red.

You’ll see two other new reds this fall, Mourvèdre and Mal­bec, and in case you’re wondering, we do still use corks. With the exception of our reserve reds, they are 100% green syn­thetic corks (Select Bio Corks) that leave a zero carbon footprint. We’re sticking to that principle.

Vintage Tasting at Wet Whistle Wine Fest

August 16, 2016 by Brad Schmiling

Vintage Tasting

Von Stiehl Offers Vintage Tasting on September 17

Tucked away in various places of our production building and tasting room buildings are small lots of old vintages. You will only notice them on tour if you look closely to find pallets of mismatched wine boxes. There will be two to ten cases of our favorite varieties spread out, and tucked under pallet racking that look out of place. We like to hide these vintages in plain sight. When the beginning of September rolls around, we go on a wine hunt. The odd lots are gathered, then signs are made. Pricing is negotiated. Tears are shed. You get the idea.

When we come to terms with how many bottles of each vintage to sell, we then come up with a Vintage Tasting List. This list is offered once a year at the Wet Whistle Wine Fest in September. These wines are near and dear to us, so just our family pulls corks and pours them for guests. We love to see the reactions on tasters’ faces as they first try our 2006 Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon. Another highlight is to pull and offer barrel samples of a special batch of Cherry Bounce. It’s a bit of an abnormal tasting, set up on planks and barrels in our bottling room. Just the wine is fancy – the rest of it comes down to simple enjoyment of vintages that have enjoyed extra time relaxing within the winery walls.

We’d love for you to join us on September 17, from 12:30 to 4 pm in the bottling room of our production building at 104 Steele Street. You need not attend the wine festival in order to take part in this tasting, but as they say, “When in Rome…”

We ask that you buy a Riedel stemless wine glass for $10. After that, we’ll pour five samples from the special vintage tasting list. No reservations are needed, but keep in mind that we will run out of certain offerings as the day goes on. It’s both a sad, and a happy time!

BrewVino Roast

March 22, 2016 by

BrewVino Roast Logo

BrewVino Roast – an Event With a Different Flavor!

You may have enjoyed our inaugural steer roast last June when it was called Meet the Makers. We found that the most exciting part of the event was not the makers, but the steer roast. This year, we’ll be focusing more on the steer in the renamed BrewVino Roast event, but will also offer a unique batch of wine and beer to complement the steer.

You’ll have the chance to taste the most popular varieties of von Stiehl wines and Ahnapee brews during the event, and enjoy the opportunity to buy an exclusive batch of beer made just for the occasion. What’s unique about the BrewVino Steer roast? This steer was raised on Ahnapee Brewery spent grains on the Bryersquart Family Farm in Forestville. Prior to the roast the whole steer is bathed in a von Stiehl cherry wine marinade. This is not an amateur production, either — for starters, the steer is processed by Ottos Meats in Luxemburg, after which Chef Chris from Skaliwags and von Stiehl winemaker Aric Schmiling will prepare the special  cherry wine marinade. Then the full carcass is marinated for 24 hours before it’s laid over a hot fire at 2 am on the day of the event, with a serving time somewhere between noon and 2 pm, or when our experts deem it ready. This is a true farm-to-table experience!

All profits from the steer roast are donated to the Ribbon of Hope fund. Their mission is to be a financial, informational and emotional resource for individuals with breast cancer in Northeastern Wisconsin. Ribbon of Hope assists breast cancer patients regardless of age, gender, race or religion. This is a great organization where 97¢ of every $1 goes to grant recipients!

If tickets sell out online, they will not be available on the day of the event.

Saturday, June 18, 2016 | 11am – 6pm

Buy Tickets for $5

Steer roast, specialty beer and wine, a shopping expo, and great music.

Music: Bob Balsley  11am-2pm, Conscious Pilot  2-6pm.

Steer Plate: $10  To benefit Ribbon of Hope

Wine or Beer: $5

Red Wine Release & Barbecue – Canceled

November 7, 2015 by Brad Schmiling

We’re sorry to announce that this event has been canceled due to a very small guest list.

Join us for the unveiling of our newest dry red wines, delicious BBQ, a preview of our red wine club, tasting and fun on November 7th from 4pm-7pm.  Your $35 includes a full tasting of all of our dry reds, a glass of the wine you choose as your favorite, and a plate of tasty barbecue that pairs perfectly with the day.  You’ll also have an opportunity to sign up for our Reds Only wine club, which includes two bottles of our dry reds shipped to your door four times a year.  On November 7th only when you sign up for a year of shipments, you’ll receive a free bottle of wine to take home with you!

Red Wine Tasting

February 5, 2015 by Brad Schmiling

copy-headerHome1.jpgBe first in line at this red wine tasting and sample the newest and oldest vintages currently in barrels. Barrel-fermented Riesling, Brunello, Mourvèdre, Montepulciano, Tempranillo, and Marquette are some that are waiting for you.
Aric, Dave, and Chad will be on hand to pull samples from the barrels in our cellars for you to taste, forecast, and purchase at a discounted price.
Your session will include appetizers, five unique barrel tastings, and past vintage reserve tastings. Cost is $20/person and space is limited, so please call soon to reserve your spot. 800-955-5208.

Wet Whistle Wine Fest is this weekend!

September 10, 2014 by

Wine Fest Rack Card

Wet Whistle Wine Fest rack card

Wet Whistle Wine Fest

Grape Stomp • Live Music • Art Fair • Heritage Foods • Wine Tasting

The Wet Whistle Wine Fest is almost here! Are the matching t-shirtsready for the group? Are the costumes ready to go? A spare change of clothes for after the grape stomp? A campsite or hotel room confirmed? With the wine festival only a few days away, we hope that you’re prepared for a great little small-town festival.

There are two main draws to a wine fest. Some attend to simply enjoy wine along with friends and entertainment. This group enjoys being goofy at the grape stomps and will most likely be in matching costumes. A great wine experience with music and friends is what’s important.

The second type of wine fest attendee is planning to explore. These visitors like to wander the aging tunnels, look at the bottling equipment, read up on the history of the oldest licensed winery in the state, and take in more of the winery experience. For this second group, we are bringing back the special vintage wine tasting from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm in the production building. This tasting isn’t technically part of the wine fest as it is held off of the grounds and away from the busy tents. To participate in the event, we ask that you buy one of our crystal Riedel stemless glasses for $10 per person. In that glass we pour five samples of our special vintages. No reservations are needed. Just come through the door located in the alley which connects the winery to the festival.

Find out what else is going on in Algoma during the wine fest weekend at algoma.org.

Information on the wine fest is also available on the Algoma Main Street website.


Wet Whistle Wine Fest September 13 & 14, 2013

August 6, 2013 by Brad Schmiling

wet whistle

Wine Fest Next Month
In 2011, the Groove Hogs played their last reunioun concert for the wine fest. To get them back we had to rent a sound system and pay a little higher price to cover airfaire for a couple of the band members. We moved on to the rythm and blues of In Black ‘n’ White last year and while they brought it, many were sad to have lost the Hogs. The magic is back. After some begging and pleading, the band has agreed to buy plane tickets, rehearse, and show up to relive their glory days on the grounds of this fall’s Wet Whistle Wine Fest. This is where we would normally copy something off of their website about their music style, but there is no longer a website. To help you get the idea, they have brass, love playing songs from the past 40 years that were written by musicians that had brass, and rock them and the crowd to no end. It wasn’t uncommon to see 80+ year-old grandmothers dancing on picnic tables (no disrespect to grandmothers, they can move with the best of them). They don’t mind if you dance on stage with them while they tend to tight harmonies as they scale the scales and rock the grannies.
Don’t let the Groove Hogs steal the thunder from The Cougars on Friday afternoon or the Annie Rose Band on Saturday morning. Both these bands have strong female vocals. The Cougars are a year-old band that should be charging more. With three female leads and a solid rock band behind them, they will get you dancing and keep you saying “wow they sing that too!” Bring your ear plugs for Annie Rose as it won’t be a quiet Saturday morning overlooking the lake. She’ll have you looking over your shoulder for Bobby McGee while the wine shakes in your glass.
Of course there will be plenty of our wine, a beer bar, specialty foods, fine art fair, and multitudes of creative costumes. One suggestion: plan wine tasting for Friday or Monday. Due to so much traffic during the weekend, we set up tasting outside in a tent in small plastic cups. It’s not ideal but serving free wine to 2,000 in one day is no small feat; even if they’re purple. Flanking the crowded days will be a busy Friday and slower Monday and those will be the best for visiting the regular tasting bar.
If you grew accustomed to enjoying the vintage wine tasting we apologize as there will not be one this year. Instead, we will most likely plan an event over winter when the crowds aren’t loud, allowing us to talk in our normal voices as we pour the high end wines.
Wet Whistle Wine Fest! • September 13 & 14, 2013
Grape Stomp, Wine Tasting, Great Music, Specialty Foods, & Fine Art Fair
Admission Charge $10 (Saturday) Friday Free
Friday 4 PM to 8 PM, Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM
Music Friday: The Cougars 4 PM to 8 PM,
Music Saturday: Annie Rose Band 10 AM to 1:30 PM, The Groove Hogs (Reunion Concert) 2:00 PM to 6 PM
Event location: Legion Memorial Park & von Stiehl Winery, Algoma, WI
algomamainstreet.org or vonstiehl.com • 800-955-5208

Ridges Sanctuary Hosts Door County Festival of Nature

April 29, 2013 by


The Door County Festival of Nature is your opportunity to learn more about the wildflowers, geology, birds and insects of our peninsula. During field trips and hands-on programs, guides will walk you through some of the most pristine and unique natural areas in the county. Many of these areas are not typically open to the public and can only be accessed during this special event, taking place from May 23 -25, 2013. Conservation organizations in Door County will share ways in which they are working to preserve our rich natural heritage for the future. Along the way, you’ll have an opportunity to share your love of the natural world with other conservation-minded participants from all over the Midwest.

Spring is a great time to experience the natural wonder of Door County. Migrating warblers and other songbirds return to the peninsula and shorebirds gather on our lakes and bays. Wildflowers are opening out into the spring sunshine. Come join us!

Highlights of the Door County Festival of Nature

  • Canoe & Kayak Trips – Paddle the Peninsula!
  • Birding Hotspots
  • Wildflower Outings
  • Photography Workshops
  • NEW! Nature Trivia Night
  • NEW! Local Land & Lake Picnic featuring organic and locally sourced foods
  • Early morning birdwatching trips to local hotspots for waterfowl, warblers and more
  • Geology of the Door Peninsula
  • An old-fashioned Barn Dance / Social to wrap up the weekend’s activities

Register for Festival of Nature Events

Online registration is the fastest and easiest way to register for the Festival. You get up-to-date information on trips that are fully booked and reserve trips immediately. You can pay by credit card or print your registration form and mail it to The Ridges Sanctuary with payment by check or debit/credit card.

Visit von Stiehl While in Door County

Add one other item to your spring must-see list while on the Peninsula: von Stiehl. While there isn’t much wildlife at the winery, but we do have Ladies of the Vine, our wine club that you automatically become a member of when you purchase one case of wine per year. Come and take a tour of our beautiful facility in the charming waterfront town of Algoma!

Door County Wine Tour Weekend

April 21, 2013 by

Spring in Door County wine country is filled with blossoming orchards and vineyards regenerating after a long winter. With these buds and blossoms comes the excitement of a new crop and every farmer and vintner’s hope for a bountiful harvest.

On the weekend of May 17-19, the Door County Wine Trail Weekend will take place. Celebrate the spring by indulging in a wide array of individual events at seven local wineries including orchard and vineyard tours, cheese and chocolate pairings, live music and salsa dancing. Take part in a barrel tasting seminar or dinner show.

Maximize your wine trail weekend experience by picking up a wine trail brochure including our new passport program. Visit all seven wineries, collect a stamp at each and receive a limited edition wine trail logo embossed glass, while supplies last.

Door County Wine Trail Weekend Events

At von Stiehl: Barrel Tasting Saturday morning starting at 10:00 am

We will host a special Wine Futures and One-Of-A-Kind Barrel Tasting in conjunction with the Door County Wine Trail Weekend. Dave, one of our winemakers, will be on hand to pull samples from the barrels in our cellars for you to taste, forecast, and purchase at a discounted price. Be one of the first to try the Zinfandel, Brunello, and our estate barrel-aged Marechal Foch, an estate wine made entirely from grapes grown in our own Stony Creek vineyard. Enjoy the barrel tasting in von Stiehl’s 150 year old limestone tunnels starting at 10 a.m. Saturday May 18. $6 per person.

Murder Mystery Dinner Show at Door Peninsula Winery: Saturday night 7 – 10 p.m.

Styled like a winemaker dinner, Door Peninsula Winery welcomes the Dinner Detectives to Door County. Enjoy a four course dinner paired with select Door Peninsula wines while you solve a Murder Mystery. A truly unique tasting experience intermingled with the excitement & suspense of dinner theater. This event promises to be memorable – great wine, great food and great entertainment. Cost is $75 per person (plus tip) and will take place at Bistro 42, attached to the winery. Dinner starts promptly at 7 p.m. with mystery solved by 10 p.m. Follow this link to make your reservations. Reservations will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. Menu will be posted as it is finalized and paired with wines.

See the full event list on the Door County Wine Trail website.

Girls Weekend Getaway in Door County

March 30, 2013 by

Get over the winter with a fabulous weekend of female fun! The fifth annual Groovin’ Sisterhood Weekend is coming up from April 25 – 28th.

Celebrate womanhood in the beautiful and historical city of Sturgeon Bay, in Door County. Embrace life, love, and laughter during this women-oriented four-day weekend! Come to shop, discover, and revitalize with other fabulous women! Enjoy a weekend filled with activities, seminars, and groovin’ classes!

There will be a variety of fun activities over the weekend! You can participate as much or as little as you would like. There are also optional sessions for a small fee. Receive your exclusive Groovin’ Sisterhood coupon book, fabulous tote, and Sisterhood Enquirer, which details all sessions and events, included in your registration bag!

Events and Sessions at the Groovin Sisterhood Weekend

All weekend long, the Door County Trolley will be providing free transportation around Sturgeon Bay. Explore Door County!

There will be art and craft sessions as well – everything from glass blowing to floral design to food and beer pairings.

Check the Groovin’ Sisterhood webpage for more updates soon.

Registration starts at $65, with a variety of other ticketed events you may want to attend.

Wine and Women – A Wonderful Combination!

While you are in Sturgeon Bay for the weekend, take the short drive to Algoma, a cute waterfront town about 17 miles South. We have a winery tour every Saturday at 2 p.m. when you can see our underground arched limestone caverns and the new production facility. At only $4, you can’t find a cheaper way to enjoy 30 minutes! Plus, the wine tasting is always complimentary. Our tasting room and shop is open every day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

While visiting, you may want to become a member of the Ladies of the Vine club. Enjoy unique wine and food pairings, shopping discounts in our store and the opportunity to order from our gift and decorating catalogues at great discounts. The Ladies of the Vine have at least three unique events per year.

Door County Spring Blossom Tour

March 16, 2013 by

Next month is when spring really begins in Door County. And how do we know this? Because the cherry blossoms appear – at last! All over the countryside and along the roadways, cherry blossoms leave their thin carpeting of white and pink petals. The trees become like giant cotton candy puffs and we remember what a warm breeze feels like on our faces.

A fun way to celebrate spring in Door County is via a trolley tour. The tours are run by Door County Trolley Inc. They pick you up in Sturgeon Bay around 9:30 a.m. and take you up the peninsula to the adorable community of Fish Creek, exploring orchards of blossoms and large expanses of wildflower fields along the way. There will be many great photo opportunities, so don’t forget your camera!

While in Fish Creek, you will enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride! Lunch and two wine tastings are also included in the tour.

The tours take place on Saturdays and Sundays throughout April and May. Cost is $60. Visit the Door County Trolley website to purchase tickets.

von Stiehl’s Cherry Wines

We have a wide selection of wines created from the very cherries these blossoms hail! After your tour, stop by von Stiehl in Algoma to taste some of our Door County cherry wines. Here are some of our most popular:

  • Cherry Blush Wine: A smooth and appealing semi-dry white blushed with Montmorency cherries.
  • Cherry Kirsche: This fortified wine is the perfect marriage of brandy spirits and cherry wine.
  • Cherry Kirsche Oak-Aged: This fortified wine is the perfect marriage of brandy spirits and cherry wine, aged in American Oak for an extra smooth finish.

You can buy any of our wines from our website if you can’t make it to our winery.

Last Days to Take Advantage of Romance Getaway Package

February 18, 2013 by


How did Valentine’s Day go for you this year? Did you forget to make reservations in advance and end up in the same old eatery you’re at every weekend?

If, for some reason, the lover’s holiday wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, we have round two for you.

Get away to the Fox Hill Resort in Mishicot, about 45 minutes south of our winery here in Algoma. For the absolute bargain price of $84, get a room for you and your significant other, a tour and tasting for the two of you here at von Stiehl along with a wine and chocolate pairing and a bottle of wine to bring home with you! Wholly cow! You can’t beat that! Upgrade your room at Fox Hill Resort to one with a fireplace for only $50 in addition.

However, you do need to act fast – this offer expires at the end of February!

About Fox Hill Resort

Fox Hill is a golf resort, so if weather permits, you can go catch a few rounds. Aside from golf, Fox Hills is a great weekend destination. They have over 100 tasteful guest rooms and suites, including some dog friendly rooms. Amenities include an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, and several eateries. The 19th Hole Bar & Grill, The Willowview Restaurant and Benchwarmers Sports Bar, all feature daily food and drink specials.

Winery Tours at von Stiehl

When you attend a tour at our facility we show you everything, including the underground arched limestone caverns and the new production facility. The building itself has a rich history, built five years after the end of the Civil War. During the 30-minute tour, enjoy a glimpse into winemaking: view the bottling line, receive an introduction to wine varieties and sample some of our fine wines.

Door County Fire and Ice Festival

February 3, 2013 by

Break up the monotony of the long winter with a fun festival in Sturgeon Bay.

Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center hosts the annual Fire and Ice weekend, February 15 – 17. Saturday, enjoy cool activities including a city-wide ice carving competition by local ice artists and professional carvers. Watch as they transform large and small snow blocks into masterpieces!! Starting at 9 a.m. Saturday, carvers will begin the process of turning snow & ice into art!

The public is invited to vote for their favorite carving for the People’s Choice Award. Event maps with ice & snow block locations will be available at most businesses throughout the weekend or at the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center office, 36 S. 3rd Avenue.

Saturday night, Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center and Stone Harbor Resort host the annual “Fire & Ice” Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction. Enjoy a fabulous meal followed by the musical sounds of Little Vito and the Torpedoes. Tickets to the dinner dance and additional information about Fire & Ice and other special events is available by calling the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center; 800.301.6695 or 920.743.6246 or by visiting www.SturgeonBay.net.

While You’re At It…Visit Door County Wineries

von Stiehl is just outside of Sturgeon Bay in the lovely waterfront town of Algoma. We would love it for you to stop by on your way to or from the Fire and Ice festival for a tasting, tour, glass of wine or all three!

We have a very fun and informative winery tour for only $4 per person on Saturday’s at 2pm during winter. Explore underground arched limestone caverns and our new production facility! Built five years after the end of the Civil War, the 19th century building was first home to Ahnapee Brewing. During the 30-minute tour, enjoy a glimpse into winemaking, view the bottling line, receive an introduction to wine varieties, and sample fine wines.

Make Art, Drink Wine

January 19, 2013 by

Have you been feeling the need to get your hands dirty? Or looking for something to entertain you during these long winter nights? Why not try an art class?

Just around the corner from our winery in Algoma is Clay on Steele studio, where Professional potter and teacher Dean Hoegger will be holding a once-a-week class starting next week on January 24th.


Experience working with clay and relax, create and explore your artistic possibilities!

Weekly, multilevel classes run throughout the year with an emphasis on wheel throwing and advanced hand building using high fire stoneware. Each class runs for five consecutive weeks in the evening at 221 Steele Street, which is literally a three minute walk from our winery. The cost is $100 plus a material fee, which includes clay, glazes, two firings, and the use of studio tools. For most students the material fee is between $13 and $25, depending on the amount of clay used.


The next class starts Monday, January 24. Call 920.487.3501 for more details.

Stop by for a Wine Tasting before Class!


With the art classes starting in the evening and our winery tasting room open until 4 p.m., it’s great timing to stop by and try some of our award-winning Wisconsin wines, have a glass of wine and head over to Clay on Steele.


Our most renowned wine is the Riesling. Popular for its semi-dry fruity taste, the Riesling is perfect for those that have experience with wine as well as those that are just starting to become interested. It has won a myriad of Gold medals thus far, and continues to turn heads and please taste buds for wine judges across the country.


You can also taste von Stiehl’s Cherry Bounce, which is fortified with cherry brandy distilled at Great Lakes Distilling in Milwaukee. Be ready for a very cherry experience!


Famous European artists throughout the ages drank wine before, during and after creating great works of art. Emulate their style – we hope to see you in the tasting room soon!


Door County Winter Wonderland Trolley Tour

December 22, 2012 by

The Door County Trolley is a quaint and fun way to take a scenic tour of the Sturgeon Bay area. Right now, they are offering a special holiday tour called Winter Wonderland. Trolley guests tour and taste at a Door County winery (possibly the Orchard Country Winery, but speak with the Door County Trolley Tours for details), followed by a cozy sleigh ride through picturesque winter landscapes. Finish off the tour with a fireside lunch at the romantic English Inn. The Winter Wonderland tour is $60 plus tax, which includes your trolley ride, lunch and sleigh ride. The tour usually lasts 5 hours.

The Door County Trolley will pick you up at your Sturgeon Bay lodging between 9:30 and 10 a.m. or at Door County Coffee and Tea at 10 a.m. Call 920-868-1100 to reserve.


  • Saturday – December 29, & 31 (Monday)
  • Saturday – January 5, 12, 19, & 26
  • Saturday – February 2, 9, 16, & 23
  • Saturday – March 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30

A Trip Advisor Review of the tour (from 1/9/10):

“The Winter Wonderland Trolley Tour was a blast. A.J.(our trolley guide) was fantastic!!! He had us laughing from the moment we stepped foot on the trolley and by the time we left him we were much more educated to historic Door County. We visited two different wineries, Simon Creek and Orchard. Both were very nice. The lunch at the Gull in was good but could have been better………..(the only thing that I would say could see improvement) The sleigh ride was neat and for a normally slow day in January my wife and I found ourselves also having a lot of fun. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for something to do in Door County during the winter months.”

We may not be on the tour, but we hope to see you in nearby Algoma for a tasting at our Wisconsin winery!

Door County Annual Lighthouse Festival

May 23, 2012 by

Each June, the Door County Lighthouse Festival brings folks into lighthouses that are normally closed to the public. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the past and present of Wisconsin lighthouses, which have been and continue to be so important to mariners on Lake Michigan.

The Door County Annual Lighthouse Festival runs June 8-10, 2012. 11 tours are offered during the weekend:

  • Trolley Lighthouse Tour: a six hour trolley tour to 5 Door County Lighthouses.
  • Evening Ghost Tour: a haunting experience.
  • Baileys Harbor Lighthouse & Shipwreck: a 2-hour narrated cruise.
  • Island Clipper Cruise: a 6-hour voyage through Death’s Door Strait.
  • Naturalist-Narrated Tour: a 6.5-hour fascinating look at lighthouses and nature.
  • Keeper’s Kin Tour: a cruise featuring desserts and tales from relatives of lighthouse keepers.
  • Chambers Island Tour: cruise to Chambers Island and climb to the top of the lighthouse.
  • Death’s Door Tour: learn about the most history-rich straits on the Great Lakes.
  • Plum Island Tour: a rare chance to tour Plum Island.
  • Sturgeon Bay Area Lighthouse Lunch: lunch aboard the Harbor Lady while enjoying views of the Sherwood Point Lighthouse and Bay Shipyard.
  • Sturgeon Bay Area Fireboat Cruise: 90-minute cruise aboard the retired City of Chicago fireboat Fred A. Busse.

Spend the weekend of June 8-10 on the Door Peninsula and learn about the beacons of light that have guided so many Lake Michigan mariners.

We invite you to visit our Algoma Wisconsin winery, just south of the Door Peninsula, on your way up. Toast Wisconsin lighthouses with glasses of von Stiehl Wisconsin wine; Lakeshore Mist would be an appropriate choice.

Find more information at Door County Lighthouse Festival.

Learn more about von Stiehl at Wisconsin Winery.


Sturgeon Bay Fine Art Fair

May 14, 2012 by

Memorial Day Weekend in Door County means the Sturgeon Bay Fine Art Fair. It’s a great excuse to experience springtime on the Door Peninsula. This art fair is part of Door County’s Festival of Blossoms, meaning it’s a lovely time to visit.

The fun runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, May 26 and 27. 2012 is the 13th annual Fine Art Fair, and it looks like this year’s event will be bigger and better than ever.

The Sturgeon Bay Fine Art Fair features original art work from close to 90 Wisconsin and Midwest artists. There will be sculpture, painting, jewelry, photography, fiber, and ceramics. Most of the artists will be on hand to discuss what they do and how they do it. All is for sale.

In addition to art, there will be music. Randy Peterson, Dan Ognavic, and TC Hatter are scheduled to take the stage several times throughout the weekend.

This is a child-friendly festival, with many activities designed to spark creativity in children.

Spend Memorial Day Weekend on the Door Peninsula. Drop by our Algoma, Wisconsin Winery on your way north. Taste some wine and buy a bottle or two of your favorites to enjoy over the weekend.

Happy Memorial Day!

Additional information is available at Sturgeon Bay Fine Art Fair.


Try a bottle of Lakeshore Mist over Memorial Day Weekend.

Von Stiehl by Boat

May 7, 2012 by

Von Stiehl Winery is about as close as you can get to Lake Michigan without being in Lake Michigan. Actually, the winery sits on the banks of the Ahnapee River, which spills into nearby Lakes Michigan. The walk from the Algoma Marina to our Wisconsin Winery is short and sweet. This makes von Stiehl a great place to visit when you’re out boating on Lake Michigan.

As you’re making your plans for summer outings, whether they be on sailboats or motor boats, put Algoma on the map. Pull your boat into the Algoma Marina and walk up to von Stiehl Winery. Take a tour of the winery or sidle up to the bar for some complimentary wine tasting. On warm afternoons, enjoy drinks and tasty treats on the terrace.

Summer will be here sooner than you think, and warm weekends will be here even sooner. When you feel the urge to get out on Lake Michigan, remember our Algoma Winery. Stop by and pick up some cool Wisconsin white wine to enjoy on the lake, like our Lakehore Fume or our Lakeshore Mist.


The terrace.

Mother’s Day Weekend at von Stiehl

May 1, 2012 by

Mother’s Day Weekend is fast approaching. Why not bring Mom to von Stiehl for a little wine tasting on May 12 or 13, 2012?

You could just offer Mom a bottle of our Wisconsin Wine–say, Naughty Girl Red or Cherry Blossom Blush. But wouldn’t it be much more fun to surprise her with an outing to a charming town on the shores of Lake Michigan? Take a tour of our historic winery, spend some time sampling our wines, and buy mom a bottle (or two) of her favorite wine.

Many mothers of adult children just want to spend time with their kids on Mother’s Day. Many mothers of small children just want a couple of hours away from the kids. Wine tasting at von Stiehl Wisconsin Winery is the perfect activity, either way.

We’re offering a Mother’s Day Weekend special. Purchase 6 or more bottles of wine and, in addition to the usual quantity discount, we’ll throw in a beautiful floral umbrella and a packet of seeds. If you think your mother (or the mother of your children) would like that, bring her to our Algoma, Wisconsin Winery. We have limited quantities!


Door County Antiquing

April 26, 2012 by

May is a great time for antiquing in Door County. The weather is usually wonderful (if a bit unpredictable). Fruit trees are in full bloom and flowers are popping up everywhere. In short, spring is a lovely time to travel to Wisconsin’s Door County.

There are many fine antique stores up and down the Door Peninsula, such as:

  • Baileys Barn Antiques, in Baileys Harbor.
  • Boat House Antiques in Sturgeon Bay.
  • A Summer Cottage in Fish Creek.
  • Chanticleer Antiques in Sister Bay.
  • Cornerstone Antiques in Egg Harbor.

Of course, part of the fun is discovering your own treasures as you explore country lanes throughout Door County.

Don’t forget to stop by Algoma for a little Wisconsin Wine tasting at von Stiehl before your antiquing adventure. You’ll want a nice bottle of wine with you if you spend the night on the peninsula.

Save time to take a winery tour of von Stiehl during your Door County antiquing weekend!


2012 Girls Night Out in Algoma

April 18, 2012 by

The 5th Annual Girls Night Out takes place in Algoma, Wisconsin on May 18th and 19, 2012. Algoma is a charming small town on the shores of Lake Michigan, at the south end of the Door Peninsula. Don’t miss it!

There is nothing like getting away with your best girlfriends; you stay up late, talk about all sorts of things, and laugh a lot. Such occasions are precious, not least because the older we get, the less frequently they occur. Spouses, children, work, and other commitments mean there is little time for girlfriend getaways.

Make time for your best friends this year, or your sisters and your mother. Head to Algoma, Wisconsin for two nights at the historic Hotel Stebbins. This fun weekend includes:

  • Steak and lobster dinner with complimentary hors d’oeuvres.
  • DJ entertainment at Hotel Stebbins.
  • Admittance into the Cherry De-Lite Festival
  • $10 gift certificate to von Stiehl, a fabulous Algoma, Wisconsin Winery.
  • $10 gift certificate to the Pampered Chef
  • An assortment of free gifts from Algoma retailers.

The Cherry De-Lite Festival features live music, free chocolate covered cherries (oh my), and a televised “Cook Off” hosted by Mad Dog and Merrill and your weekend host, Kristine Ruel. It is guaranteed to be a fabulous weekend!

Stay one night or stay both nights. Just stay long enough to swing by von Stiehl for a little Wisconsin wine tasting while you’re here.

Additional information available at Hotel Stebbins.


A Dinner with Wine and Beer

April 13, 2012 by

We make wine here at von Stiehl Winery, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like beer. To prove it, we joining forces with Titletown Brewing Company on April 25, 2012, for a Wine and Beer Dinner. We hope you’ll join us there for a dinner paired with both wine and beer.

Titletown Brewing Company is located in a lovely historic railroad depot in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy a meal (especially when that meal is accompanied by a glass of our Wisconsin wine or a pint of Titletown beer.

The Wine and Beer Dinner will start with a Greek Salad, move on to a lovely Pork Braciole, and conclude with Pecan Wine Cake. For those unfamiliar with it, a Pork Braciole is a pork loin stuffed with pancetta. It is unbelievably good. As for the Pecan Wine Cake, it simply has to be tasted.

Each course will be paired with a von Stiehl Wisconsin wine and a Titletown beer specifically chosen to complement the food. This really is the perfect event for couples with one avid beer drinker and one oenophile. It’s also a steal at just $30 per person (plus tax).

Reservations must be made by April 22. Please call Titletown at 920-437-2237.



Door County Cherry Blossoms

April 7, 2012 by

Door County Cherries are imbued with all the freshness of spring. They burst with flavor. They’re tangy-sweet and juicy. To eat a cherry is to taste heaven.

When we see all the Door County Cherry blossoms, we dream of the future harvest and the cherry pies to come. We dream of jams and tarts and cherry-filled pastries. We anticipate cheesecakes topped with cherries, yogurt mixed with cherries, and chocolate covered cherries.

All these thoughts compel us to open a bottle of Doc Stiehl’s Cherry Bounce, a delightful combination of Wisconsin Cherry Wine and Cherry Brandy. We sip it after dinner, in lieu of eating a slice of non-existent cherry pie. When we feel in a very cherry mood, we also have a glass of Cherry Blossom Blush before dinner. The cherry flavor in our Wisconsin Cherry wines is always fresh.

Come to Door County to see the Cherry Blossoms this spring. Drive around on your own, ride your bike past the many orchards of the Door Peninsula, or sign up for a Spring Blossom Trolley Tour in Egg Harbor.

In the evening, after dinner, pull out a bottle of Doc. Stiehl’s Cherry Bounce, and toast the arrival of spring.


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