Vineyard Notes: Verasion 2020

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Verasion is the stage where the grapes change from green to red or golden depending on the variety of grape. Though many often associate this color change with ripeness the color change alone has very little to do with ripeness. The pigmentation protects the grape skins from the sun as the berries begin to soften, acid levels decline and sugars slowly begin to rise. Unfortunately, this color change is often noticed by hungry birds. From this point on birds will start to taste test the grapes for ripeness more frequently than even we will. As we continue our journey towards harvest the challenges change. Predation by flocking birds come September is a substantial threat. Deer, raccoons, and insects also can’t wait to sample them. Vigilance and deterrents are a must. September will be an active time as we continue to nurture the fruit on the vines in hopes of a grand harvest. This summer’s warmth has been a blessing and we may be fortunate to harvest before October this year.  Cheers until next time!

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