Vineyard Notes: Berry Touch

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Berry Touch, stage 32 of 47 in seasonal vine development. From stage 1, Dormant Winter Buds to stage 47, Leaf Fall in autumn.

Berry Touch Is the phenologic point at which tight cluster varieties, such as Marachel Foch, begin to cluster close. Green pea-size grapes enlarge to a size where the spaces between individual grapes get smaller and smaller. Until that somewhat magical day where the grapes begin to touch each other.

I know I know, it’s exactly as it sounds and perhaps this is way too technical. However, it should be noted that we are at a significant milestone. You see from here on out the vineyard excitement begins.

By stage 34 the hard green grapes begin to soften and sugars increase. It’s these sugars that are the needed fuel for us to be able to make the wine and that’s what we are looking forward to, isn’t it? We aren’t quite ready to talk harvest yet. Though it’s getting closer with the passing of each warm sunny day.

Until next time cheers from the Stony Creek Vineyard!

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